Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sin City II: Eva Green or poisonous charm of the Amazon – BBC

IN PICTURES – While this incendiary brunette look is troubling clear showing of Sin City: I killed for her return on his filmography. Dress or armor, the French has always shown itself dangerous.

No doubt, Eva Green revolvers eyes. Who rubs picnic there. While the career of the young actress is still rising, it remains difficult to characterize this amazon. Beautiful, mysterious, ruthless … The daughter of Marlène Jobert seems to have a gift, that to be as cool as charmeuse. Playing the new Sin City, the French is the one who is killed. Her character, Ava, plays its strengths and manipulates everyone who meets her gaze piercing green.

At 34, the daughter of Marlène Jobert (face of the fragrance Midnight Poison by Dior) leads her acting career as she sees fit. With discretion, prudence and discernment. In The Innocents Bertolucci, his first film in 2003, the peplum Kingdom of Heaven Ridley Scott, or Casino Royale , one of James Bonds it aligns completely different films, different climates, where it still imposes its singular game of seduction, the poisonous charm.

Obviously, the beautiful has a penchant for disguises. In most of her films, she travels through time and carries everything given to him. Whether a long dress of the 19th century, as in one of his first films Arsene Lupin or even recent series Penny Dreadful , and then weave in 300: The Birth of an Empire : it all goes. However, be careful not to offend, Eva Green showed ten-year career she can defend herself.

Manipulation fits him like a glove. Whether in Sin City or Casino Royale , she uses her charms to play men and get what she wants. Daniel Craig, Josh Brolin, Christopher Meloni … All those who cross her path does not fizzle. She has been censured by the American Puritanism: once for the movie poster for Robert Rodriguez for a breast too apparent, and in the ever trailer for his chest. It is not recommended to those people to see the film.

Recently, she played the gun in The Salvation , alongside Madds Mikkelsen. One way to show the censors of all kinds that you should not mess with it too.


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