Sunday, September 21, 2014

5 reasons to see (again) “The Departed” tonight on France 2 – Screenrush

Each week, writing Allocine give you five good reasons to (re) watch a movie it deems essential to television. Tonight on France 2: “The Departed” by Martin Scorsese starring Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio.

What is it about?

In Boston, a fight to oppose the police thank you to the Irish underworld.
To end the reign of Frank Costello godfather, police infiltrated the gang with “blue” from the slums, Billy Costigan. While Billy is working to gain the trust of the gangster age, Colin Sullivan enters the police in the Special Investigations Unit, responsible for eliminating Costello. A race against time ensued between the two men with one goal: to discover the identity of the other on pain of leaving his skin …

Ca happens when

This Sunday, 21 September at 20:45 on France 2.

1 / A highly anticipated collaborative: iconic Cinema personalities and friends in life, Martin Scorsese and Jack Nicholson n ‘had then never found the opportunity to work together. The Departed has enabled the dream to be realized, although the role of Frank Costello was originally intended for Robert De Niro

2 / Back to basics. The Departed marks the return to the thriller for Martin Scorsese. A genre he knows particularly well, having crossed regularly throughout his prolific career. However, it Inove this time exploring the Irish mafia in Boston, after treating the Italian in New York (Mean Streets and GoodFellas), or that of Las Vegas (Casino).

3 / Actor fetish: If Robert De Niro was for many years the favorite actor Martin Scorsese, moviegoers know that in the 2000s, the filmmaker turned to Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom he has already shot five times. Lately, their collaboration on The Wolf of Wall Street earned them each to be nominated for an Oscar

4 / excellent distribution. DiCaprio and Nicholson certainly burst from the screen but it would be unfair to forget the rest of the cast, composed of prestigious names. And Matt Damon plays a leading role in the film, plus in secondary roles: Alec Baldwin, Ray Winstone, Martin Sheen or Vera Farmiga. Finally, special mention Mark Wahlberg, the only actor in the distribution to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance

5 / Consecration (finally). It took 2007 for Martin Scorsese sees finally awarded an Oscar. A consecration for the filmmaker, after forty-year career, who will receive the award for best director for his three friends from New Hollywood: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. Emu but joker, Martin Scorsese accepts his trophy by asking what we rechecked the result in case there would be mistaken identity.

The Departed Trailer

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