Friday, September 26, 2014

Uderzo case: father and daughter end their legal battles – Echoes

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Epilogue in Uderzo case. The designer of Asterix, Albert Uderzo, and her daughter said Friday in a statement that they had reconciled and put an end to various legal battles between them for several years.

The Court of Appeal of Versailles (Yvelines) has meanwhile indicated in a decision behind closed doors on Friday that the co-creator of the adventures of the little Gaul was not a victim of abuse of weakness, as claimed up ‘Then his daughter, Sylvie Uderzo.

Sylvie Uderzo, who believed that his father was “marabout by vultures who want to grab his fortune” had filed a complaint against X for abuse of weakness. She was particularly “notary, accountant and became a plumber prisoners” who “spun a web around him” and accused the latter of having pocketed life insurance initially for her children. After suffering a dismissal, Sylvie Uderzo had appealed.

Meanwhile, Albert Uderzo had filed a lawsuit against his daughter and son in law for “psychological violence”. This was referred to the January 6th 2015 The legal battle between father and daughter hard since 2007, when Sylvie and her husband, Bernard de Choisy, were dismissed by Editions Albert René, charged Asterix album designed after death of Goscinny in 1977.


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