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Why Netflix’s arrival in France will not revolutionize your … –

WEB – The video streaming service to be launched in the coming hours in France. No tidal wave in sight for consumers, according to several observers …

Here it is, after nine months of waiting, Netflix finally arrived in France. Presented as Eldorado sériephiles and moviegoers, service demand video subscription makes available to Americans tens of thousands of movies and episodes streamed to the modest sum of $ 8 per month. But what really is going to change his arrival for the French public? 20 Minutes has asked three media experts.

“People are not going to turn off the TV”

“This will not be a tidal out-of-tide, “said Philippe Bailly, founder of NPA Conseil. For several reasons. “The SVOD remained so far a known mode of consumption by a minority of the population,” he says. According Médiamétrie, only 1% of French Internet users subscribe to a SVOD service. Philippe Bailly added that, unless last-minute surprise, “Netflix does not agree with the Internet service providers” to offer its offer on the TV box, or “the preferred device for video consumption to application is on TV. “

” There are easier to surf with a remote control that go consume on their mobile or PC, “says he. “We must stop thinking that people will turn off the TV when Netflix will happen,” says Pierre Langlais, journalist specializing in series Telerama . Especially the service, which began in 1997 in the United States as a DVD rental, “tumbles out of nowhere” for French.

“The platform will never offer any”

Philippe Bailly also stressed that the catalog of shows and movies from Netflix to disappoint more than one French. “They offer tens of thousands of programs in the United States, but only 2,000 or 3,000 in Europe.” In addition, media chronology provides 36 months of delay between the release of a movie and its availability in SVOD. Like its French rivals, Netflix is ​​no exception.

And even in the series, “the platform will never offer any,” says Pierre Langlais. Moreover, those that are the hallmarks of the service may not be on Netflix immediately. Canal + has the broadcast rights to “House of Cards,” for example. The reporter sees mostly American platform as a “reserve series to catch up.” For his part, Philippe Bailly think Netflix will especially “trying to create an event with some programs such as” Marseille “,” not “provide a considerable amount of programs.”

France, the second country Europe where the VOD offering is the richest

Another pitfall, “France is not a desert in terms of offers paperless,” said Pascal Lechevallier, media consultant and specialist VOD, which shows equally skeptical. There are already services like FilmoTV or CanalPlay. “According to figures from the European Audiovisual Observatory, it is the second country where supply is the richest,” he says. “CanalPlay already has 500,000 subscribers. That would surprise me they rock all on Netflix. “He recalls that in France many popular series are already broadcast on other platforms, such as” Game of Thrones “on SCO. “Netflix will be distinguished by the curiosity it arouses, marketing. But in a French audiovisual context focused enough, he will probably fight harder than expected to get a place in the sun, “says the expert.

“We talk much about the arrival of Netflix because it is a big machine that has 50 million subscribers worldwide,” said Pierre Langlais. But it’s mostly, he said, “a symbolic entry into a new cycle” with Amazon, which “will certainly get behind.” If France is not going to witness a revolution this week, the arrival of Netflix SVOD should popularize and “change the way we consume Programs,” advance Philippe Bailly. Meanwhile, she will at least have the merit of having reacted competition and develop the French offers

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