Friday, September 19, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, the Heritage shows the state of nature – La Voix du Nord

Because a landscape or a forest are as much a part of our common although a Gothic cathedral or a masterpiece, the “Heritage Days” this year will rhyme cultural property with natural sites.

“Associate cultural heritage and natural heritage? s together two valuable assets that make the wealth of France, to create a dialogue. This theme illustrates the close links between heritage in all its forms to? environment that the ? surrounds, protects, replied, “told AFP Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin.

But in this association, the philosopher Dominique Bourg, vice president of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation Nature and Man, also sees a “symptom” or “the manifestation of a concern.”

“It’s amazing how patrimonialise + + nature even as it becomes a thing more and more unstable, “he has explained in an interview with AFP.

swamps of Guadeloupe to the bloody islands, through the Cevennes National Park, Wilderness 7500 will therefore be honored this weekend across France, among the 17,000 places open to the public for the 31st edition of “Heritage Days”. The event, created in 1984, drew twelve million visitors last year.

Ile-de-France, with 258 natural sites over an area of ​​nearly 100,000 hectares, visitors have an appointment in the Natural Park of Vexin to discover the fauna and flora of the nature reserve that stretches across one hundred municipalities in the Val-d’Oise and Yvelines.

In the provinces the Cevennes National Park, which covers 370,000 hectares over three departments (Gard, Lozère and Ardèche), propose to visit the museum of Mont-Lozère, the exhibition of his remarkable trees or walking on the path of Mas Camargue. The park remains today the only inhabited permanently in France

In the Var, a kind site organized Saturday in the heart of the nature reserve Fondurane (Var) will generate vegetation covers a Roman aqueduct. This aqueduct is to supply a reed bed which is home to several species? Rare birds.

The battlefields of Verdun in the Meuse will have no secrets after the tour (free) Fort Douaumont as well as the remarkable natural site of the “bog Longeyroux”, in Corrèze, whose name is associated with many tales and legends

-. Picasso Museum in preview –

In Corsica, several workshops (hiking, coral, fish farm …) are organized by the city of Ajaccio to discover the “hidden treasures” bloodthirsty Islands, a string of? islets which takes its name from its red sunsets.

Overseas, Guadeloupe offer guided educational walks to discover its coastal marshy tracts are essential to the ecosystem of the island and the desert expanse of mangrove pond? Bois-Sec .

But these two days will be a time to visit the monuments, churches, theaters, castles and mansions, some of which are usually closed to the public.

So, 700 unusual or exceptional openings are planned in the capital including that of the oldest basketball arena in the world, classified as historical monuments in 1994 (Ninth District), from the head of the French Red Cross and Prison Health (XIV) or, in preview, the Picasso Museum (III), closed for five years for renovation and expansion.

The RATP propose a site visit of the pole Chatelet-les-Halles, first underground station in the world, as well as the control station on line 14, also a pioneer in automated metro.

A grand opening concert will mark Saturday night in Notre Dame de Paris, the return of the great organs after months of restoration.

In total, some 23,000 animations, lectures, tours, concerts, demonstrations of skill or workshops will be offered throughout the weekend.


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