Friday, September 26, 2014

End discord between Albert and Sylvie Uderzo – Release

In a small village in Gaul, everything seems calm …

… and yet a hard open war for years between a father and daughter.

The two sides have not spoken. How did we get here? Uderzo’s daughter, Sylvie, accuses his father to act inconsistently in the management of his company.

The conflict began in 2007 when Sylvie and her husband, Bernard de Choisy, are thanked by Editions Albert René, in charge of Asterix albums conceived after the death of René Goscinny

2008 the company was sold to Hachette Livre, but the young woman is opposed to the deal, not realizing that her father allows the publisher Lagardère Group to continue the adventures of Gaul after his death. She believes that her father suffered abuse of weakness and makes a complaint.

In this case, we do not really talk about quality albums, in free fall around the same time. All this, of course, is a story of big money. The little Gaul worth a fortune: Asterix is ​​the best-selling French comics (more than 352 million albums) and most translated (111 languages ​​and dialects) in the world. Sylvie Uderzo does not want to lose his piece of boar

In 2011, she finally gives its shares to Hachette for about 13 million euros.

We think it’s all over but a month later, she filed a complaint against X for” abuse of weakness “to the detriment of his parents.

The family definitely seems irreconcilable.

But all does not go as planned for Sylvie Uderzo. In December 2013, the court makes an order of dismissal. For judges, it does not “ sufficient charges against anyone to have committed the offense of abuse of weakness ” exists against the designer, describes him as “ lucid “that” has a capacity to make decisions “

Sylvie Uderzo decides to appeal, but on Friday, the Court of Appeal of Versailles confirmed in a judgment in camera that order

Suddenly, the two parties announced in a joint statement they were reconciled. “ The Uderzo husband and daughter met again and determined to make a clean table reciprocally objections raised on both sides. They now want to enjoy their happiness found , “they said.

Obviously, to celebrate this, a banquet will be held, and, for many years, Asterix products by new authors go even invade the shelves of bookstores.

Credits: all squares are taken from albums Asterix , by Goscinny and Uderzo, published by Dargaud and Albert René (Hachette). You know, in the comments, identify the origin of each box

Quentin GIRARD


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