Thursday, September 25, 2014

“P’tit Quinquin” players over the controversy – La Voix du Nord

The release last Thursday of the first two episodes of the P’tit Quinquin has not gone unnoticed. First in terms of audience: police mini-series shot by filmmaker Bruno Dumont northerner side Audresselles in Boulogne, attracted over 1.4 million viewers and 5.9% share market. Score great under the chain.

But the interpretation of the actors, all non-professional atypical profiles, and burlesque tone of this investigation by an iconoclastic duo gendarmes also caused an avalanche of reactions not always complimentary. Some cry engineering, others show their dismay. What do the players

Bernard Pruvost, the head

Bernard Pruvost, 57, a laborer at workshops Channel to Calais, had no doubt the duo that consists of gendarmes with Philippe Jore would make an impression, so it is shifted. “ At work, colleagues are replicated in the head. How I talk, it struck them . “

Some dialogues are indeed destined to become cult. This does not prevent some viewers to have opinions very reserved. “ This is just a series. We interpreting roles without making fun of people. Even in the spirit of Bruno Dumont. This is not the first film he made in the area . “

to ensure that no negative comments have been received, in which it is now recognized at the tobacconist. Last Thursday, he looked for the third time P’tit Quinquin , alone in front of his TV, before spending the weekend at the San Sebastian Film Festival, with the team. “ Each time, when they saw us on the screen, people applauded . “

First time in Spain, first flight. We understand that his only wish is that there be a sequel.

Philippe Jore, Lieutenant

Yes, of course, Philippe heard and read the negative reviews that followed after the broadcast on Thursday. “ I know we said we were doing pass northerners for morons. It made me a little sick at heart, but the goal was not to destroy the North. And we also see beautiful landscapes.

People cross the streets of Saint-Martin-Boulogne, where he resides, he confessed” have understood nothing of the story . ” “ It’s okay, I told them. That was the purpose , “he defends himself. He also says he was warned: “ M. Dumont had suspected. He has experience. He told us that the people here would not like it. Then look elsewhere. “ Elsewhere abroad where the series sold under long format film is a hit worldwide.

At 43, Philip Jore, a father of three children, unemployed mainly engaged rave reviews. “ At the bottom of my home, I was told that I was playing well and I was going to do good to my city. ,” He who, in 2013, was on a mission for a building site re not thinking one day become the lieutenant Carpentier on the screen. “ They came for me and it worked, but I do not think I’m a star.


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