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Dany Boon will chair the 40th ceremony of the Caesars – Europe 1

Europe 1


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For ch’ti actor is a rematch. Dany Boon, actor and director of “Welcome to the Sticks”, will chair the 40th ceremony in February, said Friday Alain Terzian, President of the Academy of Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. In 2009, Dany Boon came to Caesars in sweat pants because his film had obtained one nomination.

An actor “iconic.” On 20 February at the Theatre du Chatelet, he will succeed François Cluzet, president this year, and Jamel Debbouze in 2013 In a statement, Alain Terzian’s rationale explaining that Dany Boon, “actor, writer, director, producer, artist all the talents “,” stands out as an iconic film actor in France and worldwide in theaters and theater “

& gt;. & gt; ALSO – Dany Boon is about to turn his “big film” Hollywood

“Always devoted to his directors and the authors, Christian Carion, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Patrice Leconte, Francis Veber, Danièle Thompson , and many others, crowned with multiple nominations for the Caesars and the Molière, it will always remain true to its Sticks, global success, highest score in the history of French cinema, Claude Berri for one had noticed theater a few years earlier, “concluded the President of the Academy.

Unhappy with the sole appointment of his film in 2009. At the Césars 2009 comedian had burst on stage in orange tracksuit pants under a black jacket running: “This is my tuxedo Caesars … when I bought it they told me it’s not worth that we sell you down, you’ll never, Caesar! ” Disappointed by the single appointment under the scenario for his comedy “Welcome to the Sticks”, the second biggest hit of all time in France after “Titanic”, he had previously announced he would be absent. His film was left empty-handed

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