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“Sin City 2″: Frank Miller, the crazy violent – Release

A ghostly city dump in black and white hypercontrasté. Battered men, vicious, defective or seeking redemption. Women lethal or inconsolable. Sex, alcohol, gambling, the money and the big fight that combines all these people ultradark: Welcome Sin City: I killed her, where the director Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Desperado, Spy Kids, Machete) re tandem with artist-writer-director-producer Frank Miller, whose trait ultrastylisé pristinely restored, so alternating between classic film Animation is done seamlessly. Icon of pop culture, author of classic comics like Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns or Daredevil Reborn , Frank Miller made the displacement at the Deauville festival, where the Sin City 2 , he also produced, was presented for the first French. A mysterious illness gives him these days much more than his 57 years, and it happens in a wheelchair. But his words still sharp

 Frank Miller, horn & # XE9; alisateur of xab & #; Sin City 2 & # Xbb & # xE0; Paris on Thursday. Frank Miller, co-director of Sin City 2 . Photo:. Fred Kihn

How do you operate with Robert Rodriguez

As a two-headed hydra?. It is a constant exchange from the beginning, from the casting. On the set, I draw a lot, all the time, it does not follow the comics at the box closely. Robert himself was a draftsman and immediately understand what I propose. Sometimes I’m still trying to draw it is already shooting the scene … I have many collaborations under my belt, and the more complicated is always to find a middle ground that works fully in each. I worked for twenty years in particular with the same colorist Lynn Varley, who was also my wife

To me, comics and movies we shared everything, a real fusion. Areas are very relatives and porous, and when I started directing, it’s as if I stepped aside, nothing more. However, I had some disappointments in screenwriting, which meant that every time I’m back with pleasure to the comic.

How did the choice of Mickey Rourke for role of Marv

We have searched a lot. And then one day, Robert said: “? And Mickey Rourke, you would think in what” At the time, I had some dropped out of film, so I said: “But he’s too skinny! Marv is balèze a mountain “ Robert said. ” I’m still going to hold a meeting “ And then I saw this happen Hulk, who began to speak of. his shrink and boxing, a sport that has broken everywhere … It took Marv, it was obvious. Mickey Rourke gives off a sort of barbaric masculinity, but if it were only that, it would not suffice. Mickey Rourke, it can both break your heart and neck.

 Josh Brolin. Photo DR

The Sin City cycle is bathed in an atmosphere of thriller.

Absolutely, and this is a project that goes way back. Child, I lived in the imagination and, from the age of 6 years, I have become completely addicted to comics, Superman in particular. And then, 10 years, I discovered something that changed my life: women. At the same time, I discovered the thriller, and I became fond of the genre. Mickey Spillane, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Jim Thompson … Suddenly, I no longer wanted to draw guys in tights.

You are also a fan of manga.

Yes. Manga have this feature alternating movement and stasis, they give the story and readers the opportunity to breathe. This is also something I have wanted for Sin City : to ensure that the energy continues to flow, while providing moments where you can catch your breath, stop , contemplate, knowing that in the comics, most of the process is powered by the reader, who fills the interstices, white … The Western comic is, as such, too restrictive in its formats and when I started it was even worse, it was a story in about twenty pages. Now, I make books 200 pages. It happens to some very interesting things in comics these days, with truly singular propositions, people trying stuff that should not work but that work. Someone like James Kochalka, for example, gives you the impression of having 8 years. Peter Kuper, he has adapted Metamorphosis Kafka. It’s all very exciting, I’m trying to make up time …

Poster of the film was censored in the United States, and you had to modify the pretext that breasts Eva Green were too apparent. Review it

Anyone that chest Eva Green shocking should consult a doctor.

Some see your comics caricature women grandmas and femmes fatales. Misogynous

I’m doing fiction … The men in my books are tough guys, this is also a caricature. For me it is misogynistic, it’s estimated that a woman can be both beautiful and powerful, a strong woman is necessarily ugly. The character embodies Eva Green dominates this film, right?

Anyway, I am not looking for realism at all costs and for a story to me door, I have to have fun draw the characters. When you draw fifteen hours a day, you’ve got rather that be the case … So, yes, in Sin City women are beautiful, the men of large disks and vintage cars.

 Eva Green and Josh Brolin. Photo DR

Sin City Figure ultraviolent a city where the law of the jungle prevails. It is the feeling that inspires society?

I write fiction, and I’m a designer, not an illustrator, which means that I invent and tell stories. And it turns out that sex and violence are the themes that speak to me the most. As to the character of the lone wolf is an archetype, it is a mythology that is found both in Homer than Clint Eastwood. At the same time, it is true that all I think about the world through drawings.

There are two years, you have made controversy by attacking you violently with Occupy Wall Street, ” bunch of thugs, thieves and rapists, uncontrollable group biberonné Woodstock nostalgia and a nauseating nickname virtue “(1) …

Yes, and I deny nothing. They were demonstrating to protest, did not offer anything. Basically, we witnessed a kind of grotesque celebration. The magnitude of the controversy has not really surprised me, I know it is not easy to express dissent.

You also published Holy Terror comics on a super heroes fight against Muslim terrorists.

Yes, for ten years September 11. It was an explosion of rage: September 11, 2001, I lost 3,000 of my neighbors. And it is unbearable to me that contrary to what happened after the attack on Pearl Harbor, public opinion has not mobilized for a response. Only the government did, in attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. By attacking Al-Qaeda, it does not attack Islam, you attack the barbarians … This book was also a bit of provocation. I’m like that, I like to try things and if I was afraid to try, I would have been retired long ago.

(1) All text, salty is reading the blog of Frank Miller,


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