Monday, September 29, 2014

Thom Yorke solo disc surprise – Le Figaro

To everyone’s surprise, the singer of Radiohead released their second album, released on the Internet, where he continues in the vein of electro The Eraser .

While the singer announced that Radiohead start work on a new album, three years after The King of Limbs , Thom Yorke out by surprise (the mode) a solo album.

It has added an extension to his creative hydra. Since the early 90s, the musician has developed three projects with which it works in different directions. First, there is the centerpiece, Radiohead. To this group, the experiments and the legendary passage of rock to experimental electro album with Kid A in 2000, better than anyone, the group represented the transition to a new digital era. Then there Atoms for Peace, formed in 2009 including Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, where he is working to produce a complementary alternative rock band Radiohead. And then there is the solo project.

His latest album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes , anchor, at least in how it spreads, its project in the modern era. Already for the last disc of Radiohead fans could pay the amount they wanted to download . This time, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes aired on BitTorrent, a system for sharing data peer-to-peer , usually used by Internet users to illegally obtain movies and music.

To get the files, just pay $ 6 (a little more than four euros). The opportunity to reaffirm Yorke, with his producer Nigel Goldrich always, his ambitions out of the system and use new technologies. In a world where artists still struggle daily against illegal downloading, the leader of Radiohead innovates with this proposal, which limits the intermediaries between creators and the public.

The solo project of Thom Yorke, which has already spawned the hybrid object The Eraser in 2006, is the third head of the hydra. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is one of the products: hard to catch a disc, while catchy electronic loops and electro brain. Yorke currently experiencing its complex layers, which, despite their apparent impermeability, almost disappointed by their lack of surprises.

The solo project of the artist is not to open new ways and give rise to new currents, but to be the container of his obsessions, music (discontinuous beats of drum machines, disturbing the piano, synths) as intellectual. The sullen anger of A Brain in a Bottle in the dark Truth Ray , Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is the place where artistic agonies nest, and the heavy melancholy disc ran aground in a beautiful last title, Nose Grows Some . An appetizer for the scheduled explosion of new Radiohead, planned in 2015.


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