Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Get On Up: The Life of James Brown on the big screen – TF1

Showman charismatic crooner inimitable businessman but also inflexible and sometimes violent husband, all facets of the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown appear in the biopic Get On Up on Wednesday screens, co-produced by an admirer always, Mick Jagger , you can see an interview above
This posed daunting. 2:19 condense multiple lives James Brown, South Carolina child spent time in prison before breaking into the music with gospel and Little Richard and conquer the planet with choreography ever seen decorated with large gaps. Some well known passages are missing, such as travel to Kinshasa in 1974 at the legendary boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. But director Tate Taylor ( The Help ) succeeds in holding the audience spellbound as he approached closer to an outsized artist, died in 2006 at the age of 73 years.
Mister Dynamite is embodied consistency with Chadwick Boseman, very comfortable in colorful costumes and inventive choreography by James Brown. For sequences of concerts, the choice was made to keep the true voice of the star, which all greatest hits – Please, please, please Get Up (I Feel Like Being Like A Sex Machine) , to Night Train and It’s A Man’s Man’s World – are listed in the credits
. Instead of a chronological biopic, the story moves between the different periods of the life of the artist, evacuating initially folklore and glitter and then try to describe the intimate James Brown. Through the wounds left by a brutal sometimes more unhappy childhood and his complicated relationship, sometimes fraternal, with his longtime partner, musician Bobby Byrd played by Nelsan Ellis. Get on up is primarily a tribute to the scenic qualities of the “godfather” but the film does not hide anything the singer sometimes tyrannical with his musicians, the businessman or the intractable violent husband. No more than his road trips, like this episode in September 1988 when a James Brown arrives in a drugged insurers meeting a weapon in hand, before engaging in a chase with police that Soldera not three years in prison.
fan always “Mister Dynamite” since their first meeting in 1964 in the USA, Mick Jagger wet shirt to defend this biopic which he is co-producer. As a wink, the film also recounts the day when we learn to James Brown that he will first part in a concert in California to give top billing to a group Youth from England … The Rolling Stones.


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