Wednesday, September 30, 2015

“Anina” strange dream about a palindrome – The Point

What is it?

Anina, is the first name of this tiny girl with shaggy hair and bright eyes. Anina Yatay Salas. She hates this triple palindrome – a word which can be read both ways – that form his name and his first name. Anina is also a small production Uruguayan, adapting a novel by Sergio López Suárez, an initiatory tale about education. Anina is punished after being beaten in the playground with the one everyone calls the elephant, Ysel. As punishment, the school principal gives each a sealed black envelope. They do not have the right to open for a week. The film Alfredo Soderguit oscillates between fear and curiosity.

Why are we talking about?

For this dreamy heroine, burning to live his own experiences. To the discovery of a distant city, Montevideo, its middle class, his school, and his embittered old. For the aesthetics of his images with faded colors and new textures. For a deliberately slow pace, quiet, allowing time to enjoy the scenery. To finally know what it means word palindrome. For its soundtrack which distils over scenes from his grace. After eight years of work, the Uruguayan filmmaker book a very different feature films usual child and breathes new life into the animation.

In it worth it?

Anina by this sparkling charming and funny main character who is a spectator Uruguay post-crisis. Through dreams and hopes of his heroine, Anina reveals the modern Uruguayan life. We guess the remains of a still lively economic crisis, an archaic educational system changing. We follow learning this wild girl, who asks, is lost, is mistaken, grows between insolence and maturity. The director of Kirikou and the Sorceress and Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest , Michel Ocelot, advised Alfredo Soderguit when developing the film. “I guess all children strained to the screen, heart pounding – it’s their world and their problems – and out of the projection soothed, reassured, and ready to live their lives well,” he says . With such a spokesman, the French public may visit theaters September 30th with confidence.


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