Tuesday, September 15, 2015

“The Program” Frears loser in the race for Lance Armstrong biopic – The World

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Ben Foster and Denis Ménochet in the British and French film by Stephen Frears, & quot; & quot ;. The Program

The opinion of the “World” – can be avoided

Irish sports journalist David Walsh has spent thirteen long years of his life to prove a single fact: Lance Armstrong, world cycling idol seven times Tour winner of France, had always been his victories doping. It became a full-fledged sport Walsh: he had the breath, endurance, the same madness to run as long a champion behind its popularity and its involvement in the beautiful causes (the fight against cancer by which he was himself past) seemed to have rendered invulnerable. We had a love of sports so great that it can not accept compromises and lies, even when fed the lie the most beautiful stories.

But as recalled by La Fontaine, the turtle always ends up fight hare – and the truth, through the sensational statements of another doped, Floyd Landis, by reassert itself. The proof came in 2012, and David …


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