Friday, September 18, 2015

Kit Harington: After Game of Thrones, this dream by James Bond – Le Figaro

VIDEO – While in Paris to defend the spy movie MI 5 – Infiltration out today on e-cinema, the The actor who plays Jon Snow in the series adapted from the novels of George RR Martin, said his desire to don the costume of one day 007.

After Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones HBO series, Kit Harington, has swapped the sword against the Walther PPK regulatory British domestic intelligence services.

MI 5 – Infiltration , which comes out today in e-cinema (directly VOD), the 28 year-old actor embodies the Will Holloway spy in a thriller English is espionage. His character’s mission is to find a mole that exists within MI5 secret service.

Harington recognizes himself, his role is the opposite of Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of shadowy Lord Eddard Star (Sean Bean), but the fact that we have thought of it was for him “a shock” as he told the magazine First. At the same time, he admits, enthusiastic: “It excited me to play spies, doing stunts …”

The film is the direct result of a successful series in Britain, has nothing to do with the saga of the famous secret service agent of Her Majesty created by Ian Fleming. Yet even if the action is exlusively on national soil, the plot is of course related to all thematic spy films. Yet when it comes to espionage, James Bond name is on everyone’s lips.

Now that he has tasted the roles of secret agents, Kit Harington does not hide his interest in the role until now held by Daniel Craig. “They constantly castent for James Bond is not it? Gender every two-three ?, also said Kit Harington our Brothers First . I would love to play this role, but this is a hyper desired role. Not necessarily my alley. “


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