Thursday, September 24, 2015

France ready to acquire 80 million euros one of the Rembrandt for sale –

France is ready to pay 80 million euros to acquire on behalf of the Louvre a Rembrandt painting for sale by the Rothschild family, announced Thursday the Ministry of Culture.

This proposal was submitted to owners and “the operation will benefit from the exceptional patronage of the Bank of France,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Rothschild family wants to sell two portraits, dated 1634 representing two notables, Marlen and his wife Oopjen Soolmans Coppit. On Monday, the Dutch government also said it was ready to finance the purchase of one of these tables.

They were shown to the public only once in 150 years, during a public exhibition organized in 1956 by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

The owners had contact with the Louvre in spring 2013, telling himself willing to give these works for about 160 million euros, provides the amount was deemed too high by the museum and has declined after a year of negotiations.

The budget “acquisitions” of the Louvre, the first museum world by his attendance, is approximately eight million euros, or 20% of the amount of tickets sold.

To preserve these works of néérlandais master, the French Minister of Culture and his counterpart Fleur Pellerin Netherlands, Jet Bussemaker had proposed in July to the owners as the Louvre Museum and Rijksmuseum make every purchase a table and then they put them alternately.

On Monday, Dutch government, meanwhile, indicated to be ready to partially finance the acquisition of two portraits in question for an amount of € 160 million in order to expose them to the Netherlands, without mention of the latest offering from Paris.

The Jet Bussemaker spokesperson had then pointed out that this purchase by the Dutch authorities was “a unique opportunity to bring the paintings to the Netherlands and show the Dutch public.”

The most expensive work to date acquired by the Louvre is a painting by Ingres, + The Portrait of Count Molé +, bought 19 million euros in 2009

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