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Patrick Pelloux announced his departure from “Charlie Hebdo” – Le Monde

The emergency physician Patrick Pelloux, a columnist in

Patrick Pelloux leaves turn Charlie Hebdo . The emergency doctor who writes a column in the weekly Friday announced 25 evening its decision to stop writing in the newspaper.

Guests of the student radio Web7Radio, explained that Mr. Pelloux “something [was] completed”

“If I decided to stop writing in” Charlie Hebdo “, that is because there is something that is successful, that is finished. There are others who will continue this journal and I remain “Charlie Hebdo” in the soul but you have to move on, one day. To get better, because it does not go well after what we experienced … We are survivors, yes and no. A part of ourselves stopped when the attacks. “

” I do not want to talk about the attacks “

” I’m not a hero “, continues the doctor, assuring [do] more [have] the courage to continue”

“Every week, we speak of the attacks. I do not want to talk about it anymore. This is probably the last time I talk about it in the media, because it’s exhausting. “

7 January 2015, Patrick Pelloux was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the attack, in which twelve people including eight employees of Charlie Hebdo were killed.

“I am very happy to announce [my departure] at a radio school students because I think other media have drawn a little too much on Charlie Hebdo with made things. We do not ask a blank check but just to be a little respected “, he adds. The doctor also believes that “brings nothing more to this newspaper” . “I’ll finish the year. I will go unheralded “, he says, for departure to ” early January “.

M. Pelloux is not the first to leave the “survivor” team Charlie Hebdo after the attack on 7 January 2015. Luz designer himself had announced his departure in May, explaining feel “swallowed up by a thousand things, grief, pain, anger,” that prevent him to be interested in the news. He must leave the newspaper next week

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“It does goes well with the new management “

Despite a financial future generated through new subscriptions, donations and state aid (100 000 copies sold, 210,000 subscribers), writing was engulfed in recent months internal tensions.

Zineb El Rhazoui, who also works for Charlie Hebdo , these departures are “sign that it does not go well with the new direction “. “Patrick is one of the people who are in the crosshairs for months” , assured the journalist, opposite to the direction, citing tensions related to financial and editorial matters, but also in ” Sharing Decision “

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