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The mayors of the forehead scares – Liberation

A day of protest “unprecedented” were crazy mayors worry, at least as a political master stroke for his master developer, Baroin, senator and mayor (LR) Troyes. Saturday at the invitation of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) which he chairs, thousands of local councilors of all political labels, go, everywhere in France, to meet their fellow citizens say all the evil they think of 11 billion euros in budget cuts that the government wants to impose their over three years. Better they hear “collect their membership” . Starting with Baroin which, on the market of Troyes, will press itself the barge to sign his “Appeal of 19 September for the communes of France,” among fruits and vegetables, or on the Internet and in municipal buildings …

For Baroin, the opportunity is unique to restore its figure of “unifier”, after his recent position, which is controversial within the AMF, against the reception of refugees in his city. No matter if he has to show demagoguery: former Minister Nicolas Sarkozy Budget was the first to applaud the president of the UMP, which in Troyes meeting in early October 2014, had advocated a reduction in expenditure public of over 100 billion euros, certainly twice as deadly for local government finances … that what the government proposes.

Las! In a context of widespread social unrest, it has much to fear from this “mini-referendum” local. Especially as its base has dropped: the AMF desktop (where right and left sitting on a parity basis) voted the day of action unanimously

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In this case, Baroin an important ally: André Laignel, Socialist Mayor of Issoudun (Indre). Tucked up against the bad manners of the executive, the vice president and the AMF specialist local finance swept the hesitations of his camp: “We opened a dialogue with the government and it has interrupted unilaterally end of May explains André Laignel. The Prime Minister promised us to finalize our discussions before the end of June In late July, we still had no news. . We decided to act “

Given the stakes, the likely political damage are secondary to him: ” Some believe that this could be used against the government and This is not wrong, he admits. Governments have stepped mischief against local communities, beginning with Sarkozy when he removed the business tax. But with this new lower provisions, many towns are now in danger. We must explain to citizens and reopen dialogue with the government. No one disputes that we should make efforts. But the scale and pace of cuts programmed allocations are unsustainable. “ This approach, all do not share in the majority. In late July, when he discovers the AMF intentions, Senator and Mayor of Alfortville (Val-de-Marne), Luc Carvounas, chokes. A Baroin he meets in the corridors of the Senate, the elected socialist demanded explanations dryly. “He calmly replied that the AMF had to keep pressure Congress of Mayors of France, namely November 17, three weeks before the first round of regional!” is indignant Luc Carvounas.

Understanding, after receiving the “mobilization kit” of the association, the magnitude of the electoral danger close to Manuel Valls lunges, August 26, a letter to the alarmist PS first secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and president of the National Federation of Socialist and Republican Elected Representatives (FNESR), Pierre Cohen. And takes things in hand: “I notice in my department, the cities of right and those managed by the Communists go hand in hand, he plague. But no PS mayor of Val-de-Marne not participate in this political farce. “

Rural Affairs

It is not always so simple. At the Congress of La Rochelle, the PS deputies measured the dismay of local councilors over the schmoozing. “In 2014, full wave of” tax ras-le-bol “, many were elected, not without difficulty, on the promise not to raise taxes, explains one of them. By cutting in their endowments, the government puts them in an impossible situation: either they reduce the supply of public services to citizens, or they betray their electoral commitment “ worse. Socialist mayors of megacities Lyon, Lille and Paris are not the last to show their discontent.

PS as the government, the commotion of combat. On September 10, all elected socialists receive a clear message of their national authority: “This September 19 finally appear as a day of power contestation rather than the community defense, write their Cambadélis and Cohen. We can not find it “ On September 14, in Vesoul (Haute-Saône), where he relocated an interdepartmental committee devoted to rurality, Francois Hollande tried to reassure. The funds one billion euros promised by the Prime Minister in the spring to help municipalities invest, will be enshrined in law in 2016 and dedicated to finance half to rural areas, promises the head of state.

What encouraged socialist elected to moderation. Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon Metropole PS, agrees, but only on form. Tuesday, sitting alongside Baroin, President of the Association of urban communities in France set the tone: “We fully share the analysis of the AMF,” he strikes before specifying the vibrant voice of indignation: “About 2.7 billion budget, Lyon will lose 1 billion euros in four years …” But neither he nor the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo (received last week at the Elysee Palace) nor the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, will will join the day of 19. “The goal is not to put heads on pikes “ says the mayor of Lyon. Not so sure.

Nathalie Raulin


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