Friday, September 25, 2015

We Trailer 3 or nothing: Kheiron the touching story of short – Screenrush

Check out the trailer for the first film Kheiron (“short”) “The three of us or nothing.” Also led by Leila Bekhti and Gérard Darmon feature film will hit our screens on November 4.

On the Iranian village to Parisian cited …

With three of us or nothing, Kheiron honors his parents by adapting their courses on big screen for his first feature film. The comedian and actor had long wanted to tell this personal story and that is in 2013, in the success with the series of Canal + short, and his one man show that producers asked him if he had ideas for movies . Kheiron has naturally decided to tell the extraordinary destiny of his parents and Hibat Fereshteh, eternal optimists, in a comedy for Universal tunes evoking tale of family love, the gift of self and especially the ideal of living -set.

The New director takes the role of her father while her mother Leila Bekhti embodies Fereshteh. Gérard Darmon, Zabou Breitman and Alexandre Astier, Iranian dictator, complete the cast.

We three or nothing will hit our screens November 4, 2015 .

Leila Bekhti touched by the story of “The three of us or nothing”

Leïla Bekhti Interview


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