Sunday, September 27, 2015

It is not lying: Nadine Morano’s speech on “France Caucasian countries” is controversial – Le Figaro

THE SCAN TV / VIDEO – The statements of the candidate to the primary Republicans aired Saturday night on France 2 provoked strong reactions on social networks

In a debate on immigration in France We’re not lying on France 2, Lea Salamé reversed a phrase of Nadine Morano on “the feeling of invasion that French feel” that “is not a feeling but a reality.” “Some figures from INSEE showed that in some areas, the number of foreigners is higher than the number of French, responded MEP. When you see the number of people who wear full veils in France, even in my hometown in Nancy, this is an invasion. “

After an intervention by Yann Moix, Nadine Morano has justified. “We need to be in this national cohesion at home. For there to be a national cohesion, keep a balance in the country, that is to say, its cultural majority. We are a Judeo-Christian country, General De Gaulle said, Caucasian that welcomes outsiders, she said. I do not want France to become Muslim. It would not be France. “

” What shocks me is that in 2015, you still doing this distinction “

Faced with these statements, Léa Salamé asked how Nadine Morano regarded the Caribbean. “They are not white but that does not stop because they are owned by the French overseas territories. France is a predominantly Caucasian countries, Judeo-Christian, and which in its universal openness, welcomed people from other countries, “said the candidate for the Republican primary.

” It that shocks me is that in 2015, you still doing this distinction “concluded Laurent Ruquier . A reaction that corresponds to the numerous interventions by viewers on social networks.


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