Sunday, September 20, 2015

“Vagina Queen” antisemitic tags hidden after a court ruling – Liberation

tags Semitic inscribed on the sculpture “Dirty Corner” Kapoor installed at Versailles Saturday night were masked with black cloth, the demand for justice. After several days of controversy, the judges decided and asked the Palace of Versailles to withdraw “without delay” to public view the entries added to this sculpture installed in the park. The intervention of Anish Kapoor to hide is always scheduled for Monday morning.

Dubbed by some media the “vagina of the Queen”, monumental sculpture, a steel trunk 60 meters long to the obvious sexual connotations, was vandalized three times since June, two of these recent weeks. It was notably degraded September 6 by large inscriptions with white paint antisemitic.

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The judge was seized Friday by an association and a municipal councilor of Versailles Fabien Bouglé, who felt that these tags were “a serious violation of fundamental freedoms”. “These remarks are reprehensible and must be removed from the public space” , argued at the hearing their lawyer. The lawyer of the Castle for his part stressed that the public institution was “acted very quickly filed two criminal complaints and used his influence to ensure that artists come off the disputed registration” . While “outraged” by the inscriptions, however, he felt that he had no right to intervene in the work without the consent of the artist. Which has twelve days to change your mind.

His initial choice to leave as is his sculpture had sparked debate. Some lawyers felt that this could clash with texts repressing anti-Semitism, while the artist was now considered as “these infamous words were part” of his work. For justice, “freedom of artistic creativity and expression includes respect for the moral rights of any author on his work” , but when it is publicly exposed, “that freedom must be reconciled with respect for other fundamental freedoms “



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