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Tobey Maguire: “I built” The Prodigy “as a sports film” – Le Point

We already murmur his name to the Oscars. Tobey Maguire has definitely put his spider suit and offered a new life drama actor and producer with his company, Material Pictures. The Prodigy , a film dedicated to the dazzling career of the American chess champion Bobby Fischer and his historic duel with the Russian champion Boris Spassky, Maguire lends charisma ambivalent ambiguous hero.

Le Point The Prodigy does not look quite conventional biopic. It focuses less on the life of Bobby Fischer as the place of the famous chess …

Tobey Maguire: It’s fun that you should say that because when I engaged in this project, the first thing I said was: “I do not want a simple and somber biopic about this complicated type. “I built The Prodigy as a sports film. It is in the form of sports competition with the climb to the chess championship. And at the heart of this, there is the study of the personality of Bobby Fischer.

How did you approach this personality?

Child, Bobby experienced difficult times and the chess set was a refuge. He hated games like dice or cards because of the luck factor, elements that he could not control and which could interfere. He loved chess because it requires pure talent and genius, you can not cheat, you move a pawn, and that’s it. He was mentally fragile and failures were a kind of security. But it is so immersed in it that growing up does not interact with the company.

Do you think they are failures or content accentuated her psychological frailty?

Good question. Both ? Maybe it made things worse because he could always take refuge there and was not forced to grow and meet the challenges of the “real” life. But maybe if he had not had failures, problems would have appeared earlier, perhaps that failures have delayed the crisis.

Are you became an ace Exchequer?

I can play, but I’m not very good! I worked with various experts failures, but really what I was trying to learn more is the thought process, what one feels when one is engaged in this way and what it means psychologically.

What was your biggest challenge on this film?

In a feature film, was roughly two hours to tell a story. So we tend to reduce the history and personality of the hero to the things that stand out, “Bobby said horrible things, Bobby was someone difficult,” genius and crazy, brilliant and undrinkable … We try to simplify everything. My big challenge was to learn as much as possible about this character and to give the fullest possible picture in this small period of time. I tried to play on the details rather than generalizations.

Both versions of the facts are still circulating, how to make sense of things at the time to tell the life of a man?

It’s like in journalism: you investigate and try to unravel the components of the story, you read and talk to as many people trying to find drivers son, and you start to put the puzzle by collecting pieces that seem stronger.

In your director, Ed Zwick, the studios are no longer interested in this type of film. Is that why you decided to produce it independently?

In the past, this kind of drama was done with large budgets by the studios. But the film industry has changed. It’s not that the studios no longer make these movies, it’s just that they are not dominant in their programs, it is not on them that can put the money because it is not not the type of film that can make money, or at least not predictably. We can always do them, you just change the way we do. This film we could have produced in a Hollywood studio, but it would have been more difficult because it does not fit their model. Most studios limit the number of films in this category they produce each year. It was easier and more logical to produce The Prodigy in the circuit of independent films.

It’s kind of your fault studios swear more than deductibles and superheroes …

(laughs). Yes, it’s true, I have fed this trend

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