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TF1: Claire Chazal says goodbye with “infinitely sad” – Le Parisien

13 Sept. 2015, 8:33 p.m. | Update: 13 Sept. 2015, 9:19 p.m.

She particularly expressed his infinite sadness of having to end the mission entrusted to him by Francis Bouygues, she said.

A stone in the garden Nonce Paolini, CEO of TF1 journalist brutally landed on August 30 because of declining audiences. The journalist was “very affected” by the brutality of the announcement, according to a source quoted by AFP.

Despite his disappointment and bitterness, Claire Chazal, who has told her nothing professional future, welcomed its successor next Friday JT him in command of the weekend. It will be replaced by his “joker” since 2012, Anne-Claire Coudray, 20 years his junior, who was a reporter for 15 years for the chain.

Meanwhile, TF1 held to pay tribute to its star presenter by broadcasting at the end of a long newspaper “best off” of the highlights of his career. Within minutes, the audience and (re) reviewed the attacks of September 11, 2001, the death of Michael Jackson, the tsunami in Japan or the interview DSK board, came to speak for the first time television after the scandal that shattered his political career.

zapping. Claire Chazal, 24 TV news

In Boulogne, TF1 in turn, many employees of the chain had gathered to make, too, pay tribute to the presenter, and at the end of the log, they applauded Claire Chazale for a long time.

Long beloved viewers, become Claire Chazal displays exceptional longevity on television. Only Jean-Pierre Pernaut, with its 27 years of 13 hours on TF1, can still compete. Also pushed out unceremoniously seven years ago, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, remained in command of 20 hours for 21 years. Before him, Yves Mourousi remained 13 years in the position. Opposite, David Pujadas only has “only” fourteen to 20 hours of France 2, which is still a record for the public channel.

Claire Chazal share a mixed picture. According to our survey, 60% of French respondents do not regret it. The journalist, however, this week received hundreds of messages of support, according to a source at TF1. On Twitter, many anonymous pay homage to him since Monday. Similarly, media personalities and performances have also hailed his career.

“You have always been my happiness. I will miss you, like millions of viewers, “for example, writes Michel Polnareff on twitter. Anne Sinclair has denounced it in a note Friday in the Huffington Post that she directs the “brutality” of this eviction, for TF1, “a house that was never crowded elegance,” wrote one who was dismissed 14 years ago

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