Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ITélé : blocked situation following the renewal of the strike – The World

The directorate is expected to submit its projects to the editor, on strike since Monday, to the following, in particular, the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna.

The president of the society of journalists  of i-Télé, Antoine Genton, at the headquarters  of the chain in Paris, on October 17.

After two days of the strike, widely followed, the editors of i-Tv hoped to receive an answer to his claims, on Wednesday 19 October. In the morning, Maxime Saada, the director-general of Canal + group, which belongs to the chain of continuous information, came to explain to the employees on the contested presence of Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna, but, more broadly, on the future of the chain. But this has not prevented journalists to continue the strike for a third 24 hours : 126 votes for, 1 against and 19 abstentions.

A 13-hour, the employees were called to a large gathering in front of the headquarters of the chain. On Tuesday, the president of the commission of cultural affairs of the national Assembly Patrick Bloche (PS), and the senator of Paris, David Assouline (PS) have made a public support to the editor. Many journalists, on a personal basis or through their representatives, have done the same, TF1, the World.

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” Respect for the given word ” to Morandini

The society of journalists of i-Télé (SDJ) calls ” a project of recovery of the string ” , and a presentation of its ” editorial project and strategic “, so that the antenna is to change its name Monday, October 24, to baptize CNews. The LDS also requested clarification on the project of the ” news factory “ (which plans to merge the editorial staff of i-Tv and the daily newspaper Direct Morning), ” a clarification of the chain of command and the appointment of a director of the writing guaranteeing the editorial independence vis-à-vis the management of the group Channel and the shareholder “. It also wants the drafting of the’” a charter of conduct in connection with the ethics committee “, ” the means to properly handle the news and cope with competition “, ” report of the arrival at the antenna of Jean-Marc Morandini “ and ” a dialogue with the representatives of the staff, the LDS and all of the editor ‘ .

in the Face of an audience that is very engaged, Maxime Saada was first justified on the case of Mr. Morandini. It will remain very much present in the new grid, with his show Morandini Live,, which made its debut on Monday, raising a sharp protest. The facilitator is, in effect, indicted for the corruption of a minor and corruption of a minor, aggravated, and made the subject of an investigation for sexual harassment and illegal labour. The management says that it remains presumed innocent and Mr. Saada said he wanted ” to respect the given word “. In the new grid, “Morandini Live” will be shifted to 9 hours instead of 18 hours currently.

Broad rally

On the other two recruits announced in the press – the writer and activist Eric Zemmour and the brothers Bogdanov, fond of science – the chain director and the editor, Serge Nedjar, has made an ambiguous response : ” These are only two tracks from dozens. “

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More broadly, Maxime Saada has recognized that Canal+ had lost time on i-Télé, including the chief executive officer Wilhelm Zeller is gone again recently, less than a year after his appointment. But he assured that the group had a real ambition for the chain. He hit the minds with a story that was meant to be reassuring : it has been narrated to have asked Vincent Bolloré if he wanted to sell i-Télé because the information does not fit into the core business of a group of content entertaining such Vivendi. The industrialist is said to have replied that the information was an important area for a group like Vivendi…

Mr. Saada was also assured that i-Tele was not intended to change deeply a vocation and it was to remain a chain of continuous information, including policy, topics, police-justice… He has insured that we would just reinforce i-Télé in areas over which Vivendi has advantages : culture and the cinema (via Universal Music), the sport (via Canal+) and international. Mr. Saada was, however, forbidden to want to do pay i-Tele in “infotainment” or of wanting to make bridges editorial purely promotional with the other assets of Vivendi, a practice often alleged to be Live Morning in its relations with the Bolloré group.

in the Face of this speech, the employees have probably enjoyed the idea of being more involved in the group, because they complained, well before the arrival of Mr Bolloré, to be treated by Canal+ as elements, devices, even of the outcasts.

But on the merits, many questions remain and, in a letter made public in the early after-noon, the employees have asked ” the meeting in emergency of a conciliation board, bringing together the management and the trade union organisations in order to finally find a way out “. Anyway, the mistrust has not disappeared, and the continuation of the strike is a sign.


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