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The Collection Shchukin, private tour in 20 chefs-d’¤339;work – Le Figaro

IMAGES – Opening 5-star, Thursday, October 20, the exhibition event that brings together in Paris the most beautiful of the Russian museums. Story behind the scenes in the dinner of the week, the day after the opening of the Fiac, and visit images of the Foundation Vuitton. Opening to the public on Saturday 22 October.

emotional Moment special, Thursday evening, for the opening much awaited d’Icons of modern art, the Collection Shchukin at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. In spite of the fine rain of October, all the chosen had arrived, smiling, to discover the most beautiful Russian museums together for a few months in Paris.

And to learn more about Sergei Shchukin (1854-1936), a visionary with incredible who defended the avant-garde French before all and whose passion translates into a cathedral of masterpieces.

Some 158 works were waiting for the guests, powerful waves of emotion and recognition skilfully spread by the curator Anne Baldassari in 14 rooms and 4 floors of exhibition. 127 works from the Collection of Shchukin 22 of Matisse, 29 Picasso, 12 Gauguin’s, 8 Cezanne and 8 Monet. The public will judge from Saturday, October 22.

political figures mingled with movie stars

This group of guests was a mix between the world of art – by Laurent Le Bon, president of the Musée Picasso, Jean de Loisy, president and CEO of the Palais de Tokyo, Fabrice Hergott director of the Museum of modern art of the City of Paris and the fashion world.

The beautiful Haider Ackermann, the new artistic director of Berluti, is here, as often, in the wake of Setsuko Klossowski de Rola, widow of Balthus, still elegance, and delicate in a gorgeous kimono of autumn.

The politicians (of T Alain Minc) mingled with movie stars (Catherine Deneuve, the smile a little forced, Léa Seydoux beautifully pregnant) and artists, especially the many that evening to the Foundation.

Olafur Eliasson, the star Danish-icelandic of Berlin, who rebuilt with Contact the mirage of the cosmos in this new temple of contemporary designed by Frank Gehry. The architect canada / us, in person, who told of his friendship to the great american artists and california, including Ed Ruscha and Larry Bell.

Bob Wilson, who has dazzled the audience in the Chatelet with his Faust and the best singer-actors of the Berliner Ensemble, the theatre founded in Berlin by Bertolt Brecht in 1949.

Xavier Veilhan, who will represent France at the Venice Biennale in 2017. The painter of the grisailles monumental, Yan Pei-Ming. The plastic surgeon mischievous Bertrand Lavier, whose piano had been hijacked by the paint throne at the Petit Palais in the framework of OnSite, the new event of the Fiac art fair 2016.

Sophie Calle, our champion if French of the narration intimate, that the international art world is hard. Bun in a delicate imbalance and dimples childish, Tatiana Trouvé, the artist great, and whose father is of Russian origin.

Russia had this evening the beautiful role

the director of The Hermitage museum, Mikhail Piotrovski, was there as its curators, scholars, any reserve of good quality. They have the triumph modest: the museum of Saint-Petersburg has lent 62 works!

The women at the head of the Pushkin Museum, were advancing with an energetic. Irina Antonova, his historical figure, director for decades long Russian history, and now president for over 91 years. And the one who succeeded him in July 2013, Marina Lochak. The wonderful museum of Moscow in full metamorphosis to become a museum multi-faceted lent 64 works!

If we add the 15 works on loan by the Gallery Tretiakov, it is understood that Russia had that evening the beautiful role.

When all the guests are down in the Auditorium where a huge, abstract pattern, designed by Frank Gehry replaced the historical work in arc-en-ciel fire Ellsworth Kelly, the excitement was in the air, like a note hanging.

At 21: 30, Bernard Arnault, President of LVMH group, took the word with more passion than ever. He told of his idea, the journey, the obstacles overcome, the happiness of the victory. He thanked all the actors of this success, those of Paris and those of Moscow. Not to mention the Russian president, who accepted the transfer of these treasures to France and the French president, who has guaranteed the salvation legal.

peace through culture

Around the “Lobster à la russe” and “Poultry Souvaroff”, the filmmaker welsh Murder in an English garden (The Draughtsman’s Contract) (1982), the Cook, The thief, his wife and her lover (1989) and The Pillow Book (1996), Peter Greenaway discussing the farm with Fabrice Hergott.

His wife, the artist Dutch Saskia Boddeke has invented an installation around Dcove and The Music Matisse who were not able to make the journey from Saint-Petersburg. Round and radiant, she spoke of exile and the trauma of the war with Cyril Karaoglan, always drawn to the nines. This charming man speaks five languages, was known by his father in Syria in its splendor, advocates for peace through culture. This patron of the dance comes to receive title to exceptional with the insignia of Commander of Arts and Letters presented him with the stars Aurélie Dupont.

With the “Pear slushy at the Shchukin”, each dégusta with greed its château Yquem 2013 in pretty small glasses of salon. Even Yan Pei-ming, heavy smoker of havanas, and rather a franc drinker of red burgundy. It was 23: 30 when the guests stood up to greet their host, always there, smiling, eyes still bright with fever Shchukin.


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