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12th day of strike at iTélé: “Even if I have to eat pasta, I will continue” – The Express

On the square in front of the building Light, in Boulogne-Billancourt, employees, iTélé, Canal+ or simple viewers, in solidarity, arrive as early as 12.15 am.

This is the 12th day of a strike of the employees of the chain. This Friday, they voted for its continuation until Monday, October 31. They will then enter into their third week of protest. What they want? Additional resources for the appointment of an editorial director and the departure of Jean-Marc Morandini (covered by the two surveys for “corruption of minors aggravated”) of their antenna.

Ready to tighten the belt

Geoffrey* worked for six years at iTélé. It has been seen, changes of direction, but never with so much violence. “The twelve days of strike, nobody expected it. We were tired, we do not know where we are going, everything is blurry. But the collective movement helps us to hold out. You feel supported.”

And as the hashtags “JesoutiensiTélé” do not pay the rent, Geoffrey is ready to tighten the belt as much as it takes. “I’ll manage, he decided. If I have to eat pasta for a month, so be it. And then, even if I don’t pay my rent, it is in November, it is the winter break”, he joked.

in The middle of the crowd now very dense, the atmosphere is the clamping of elbows and determination. They are freelancers, journalists in CDD, CDI, animators, whether they come from iTélé or Canal+, all of them are determined not to let it go.

Camille*, a journalist with the channel since 4 years old, selling t-shirts 5 euros a piece for a week. The mp and presidential candidate Jean Lassalle has bought one, but leaving 50 euros this morning.

At the end of 12 days of movement, she is tired, but it is good. “Inside, during the meetings, it feels bad, it is hard. But when we see people outside, one recuperates.”

member of parliament Jean Lassalle (presidential candidate) says "Bolloré, under", in front of the employees of iTélé.

member of parliament Jean Lassalle (presidential candidate) says “Bolloré, in”, in front of the employees of iTélé.

A. K

As Geoffrey, Camille is ready to make sacrifices. “I don’t want to leave. I have given a lot since I’ve been here, I’ve done staggered hours for several years. Recently, I finally had a time nice. I don’t want to start over elsewhere.”

“press Control”

Julien*, a journalist also, has lost 500 euros since the beginning of the strike, on a salary of 1600 euros monthly. “And my rent is 1000 euros, then you do the math”, stated he, conscious that it will “eventually be taken by the throat”.

The young journalist is still ready to continue the fight. “Initially, we thought not all of them strike only one day, and here we are, at the end of 12 days, still here. I don’t know how long I’m willing to take, but every day, prepare to be amazed all a little more of our motivation.”

Claire*, a freelancer, has started at iTélé around 2011. Back for the last bit in the writing after a trip to China, she has the morale to zero: Wednesday, its pins have been cancelled. “Is it rest? Is it that we share? I don’t know. We don’t know anything.”

She was also surprised of the methods practised by Vincent Bolloré. “I really feel that we are in the same control of the press in China. It’s scary. I thought not, in returning to France, to find that same atmosphere.”

iTélé, symbol of a profession in crisis

Always in front of his booth of t-shirts, Camille tries to look on the bright side. She thinks that this strike is to win at the chain of credibility. “One defends the journalism, a certain sense of ethics.” Shared by Julien: “The fact of representing a profession threatened by shareholders, it convinced me to continue the strike. Because it’s not in iTélé. It is everywhere like that. In the end, our movement is symbolic.”

journalists of iTélé on the front of the building Light, at Boulogne, on the 28th of October.

journalists to iTélé on the front of the building Light, at Boulogne, on the 28th of October.


one of his comrades, Benedict*, agrees. “It is worn beyond the microcosm of parisian”, he says, trying to also raise awareness of the precarious conditions of the job. “The myth of the ‘journalist-heeled’, it does not exist. Nearly 50% of the writing iTélé is precarious,” he says.

In a first time, the prize, launched to support the small wages of the chain, had been kept secret, for fear of scandalizing public opinion. “And then we never stopped to ask us how we could get help. Then, we distributed the link, ” says Benoît. Management believes that it can have in the capital. They are going to make us give thanks to the lack of money. But it is organized upstream. One can still continue the feud.”

“The spirit Channel” is gone in iTélé

Since its inception, iTélé did strike twice: in June last, and since the 17th of October. It is a little. “It’s not a pro fight, it is the pro of the info,” says a journalist of the chain, which has fun with the dysfunction of his megaphone. “It is not really a writing of Che Guevara”, was amused by his side, Benedict. “If we fight, it is for basic things. Seeking an editorial director. I don’t see what there is crazy in there.”

Laurent Weil, the “mr. cinema” of Canal+ stands a little away from the gathering. “I wanted to be there,” he says, the mine sad. Necessarily, the movement explodes around him. “This is going to iTélé is now to be visited upon the group, claimed an employee in a union. If the employees of Channel voted them as a motion of no confidence, they would no doubt have results that are as high as ours [92% last October 11] she says. But ultimately, we know where is left the ‘spirit Channel’. It is in iTélé.”

*(the names have been changed)


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