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USA: actress Tippi Hedren says Hitchcock sexually assaulted her – The Point

The american actress Tippi Hedren says in an autobiography that Alfred Hitchcock sexually assaulted her and harassed her during their collaboration on the film in the 1960s, according to press information.

She wrote in “Tippi: A memoir”, which comes out Tuesday, that the legendary director is one day thrown on it in the back of a limousine, and attempted to kiss her, or even that he was stuck on a plateau by asking him to touch it, report the New York Post and the Daily Mail, which obtained the book before its release.

The actress, 86-year-old had already accused the legendary filmmaker of sexual harassment, including in interviews in 2012 at the time of the broadcast of a movie on HBO, “The Girl”, which depicts the obsession of Hitchcock to it. But this is the first time that she describes this episode of his life.

The actress and activist for animal rights, became a world star in 1963, when she starred in the masterpiece of Hitchcock’s “The birds”, says that the director has been obsessed with it shortly after they have signed a five-year contract.

The british filmmaker, who died in 1980, he had declared his love, but has become increasingly aggressive as it was attempting to impose distances, ” she says, according to these two newspapers.

She recounts an incident is particularly traumatic: “I’m never going into the specifics and I’ll never do it. I will say only that I was suddenly caught, and put his hands on me.” “It was sexual, perverse, ugly”.

She adds, according to these newspapers, never having spoken to anyone about these incidents because at the time “sexual harassment” was a term that did not exist.

Every time she was alone with him, “he found a way to express his obsession for me, as if I had to offer him something in return,” writes the mother of the actress Melanie Griffith.

This harassment was also psychological. He asked the other members of the cast to avoid the actress, and got angry when he saw her talking to other men, he was followed by his driver and had to analyze his writing, she wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Hitchcock again turn to the actress, the archetype of the blonde in hollywood, “No spring for Marnie”, a kleptomane raped by her husband during their wedding night.

Tippi Hedren is said to be aware of the rumor that this scene where a man is compelled sexually to his “young wife frigid and inaccessible” represented the fantasy of Hitchcock to it.

Frustrated by this resistance to his advances, Hitchcock would have advised them that he was going to ruin his career and would have blocked Universal when the studio attempted to submit its candidacy for an Oscar.

“I gave myself the mission to make sure that if Hitchcock may have ruined my career, I would never have the power to ruin my life”, written Hedren, according to the media.

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