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In Paris this weekend: Scarlett Johansson, Fiac, yoga, sake and vinyl – Le Figaro

The american actress, waitress pop corn in flesh and bone, a car boot disk, a festival for yogis, the lounge of the alcohol nippon and the unmissable contemporary art fair.

The pop-corn on Scarlett. It is an opportunity or never to come across Scarlett Johansson. The american actress will inaugurate on Saturday afternoon, the shop of popcorn flavoured that she launched with her husband, the French publicist, Romain Dauriac. If it is the sister of the latter who will manage Yummy Pop daily, the actress of Match Point promised to serve at the counter for the opening. Truffle, parmesan, sage, cheddar cheese, maple syrup, strawberries and whipped cream: seasonal recipes have been devised by the american chef Will Horowitz (Ducks Eater in New York). But this is not what you are interested in, if?

Yummy Pop. 35 bis, rue King of Sicily (Eni). Tel.: 09 86 79 07 77.

«Baton Twirler», Duane Hanson.

“Baton Twirler”, Duane Hanson. photo Credits :

A small trail ride the Fiac art fair in paris. Duane Hanson is the honor of the Fiac 2016, the great international fair of contemporary art that vibrates at Paris until Sunday. He leads the dance with his cheerleader, Baton Twirler, in costume with red glitter 1971. True more than an actress, she is life-sized and occupies the ground on the stand Van de Weghe at the Grand Palais, (O. C32). “I don’t like fiction, I like history,” said the american sculptor (1925-1966). The proof is in his couple of tourists sat down, without grace or stress, a poor bench, at the corner of the all-powerful Gagosian Gallery (0.B33) . The parisian gallery’s New York (Eighth), continues the dialogue and confronts Duane Hanson sculptor, photorealist and Olivier Mosset the painter minimalist. “The human figures of Hanson to realism, who depict people, focusing on the u.s. working class, have been at the heart of his work for over forty years. At t he beginning of his career, Hanson has made of the scenes of social upheaval traumatic and violent, such as Abortion (1966) and Race Riot (1969-71), he destroyed most of them by the suite, because he wished to be remembered for his works more subtly evocative of its period to maturity, as Window Washer (1984) and Housepainter I (1984-88). The representations of common Americans by Hanson, part of a tradition and, in particular, Realism in the French of the Nineteenth century, evoke the narrative and cathartic pathos. The precision that it brings to the small details like the hair, the elasticity of the skin, the texture of the clothing and the expressiveness of the face lost in his thoughts, provoke strong emotions ranging from empathy to repulsion”. Have A look in situ!

Fiac. From 20 to 23 October 2016, from 12h to 20h (21h on fri.). Grand Palais. Winston Churchill Avenue (Eighth). Entrance: 35€, 20€ for those under 26 years of age,

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Fiac 2016, the top ten of Figaro

yoga in all its states. Fourth edition this weekend of the “rendez-vous of the art of living yogic”! Organized by the team of the Journal of Yoga, this festival on 3000 m2 celebrates 30 styles of yoga, through fifty workshops, a hundred free courses (all levels), lectures, master classes and stalls dedicated to the exhibitors. Both professional and general public, this meeting is intended for both aficionados to neophytes curious about the benefits of this ancient practice. A space vegétarien and vegan is laid to restore.

Yoga Festival. From 21 to 24 October 2016. Paris Event Center. 20, ave de la porte de la Villette (Xix). Free entry on invitation to upload to the site.

Sake mania. lovers of the rice wine japanese will be found in two steps from the Eiffel Tower to the third edition of the “European Salon of Sake and drinks japanese”. Designed for professionals and amateurs alike, this appointment tasting will accommodate not only the producers of japanese, and actors of French and european, but also of many chefs. Conferences, workshops and masterclass will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the alter ego of the wine country of the Rising Sun without ever asking!

Salon Sake. From 22 to 24 October 2016, from 11am to 19h (day 24/10 reserved for professionals, from 10h to 18h). New Cape Town Event Center. 1-13, quai de Grenelle (Xv). Price: 18€.

garage sale of vinyl records. Born from the collaboration between two music lovers, the first edition of the “Vinyl Village”, organized in a former supermarket, abandoned by Parallel and Increase the Groove, is dedicated “to the sound, art, urban culture, and the good mood”. The perfect place to find 33 laps, but also to get a tattoo, find clothing, streetwear, toasting, dining and dancing (with dj’s sets from 18h to 22h30). Notice to the apprentice dj’s, an “open decks” is provided from 15h to 18h (two days) with registration upon arrival. Don’t forget your vinyl!

Vinyl Village #1. Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October 2016, from 11h to 23h. The Capela. 20, rue Philippe de Girard (Xe). Free entry before 18h. After 18h, price collaborative the dice (between 1 and 6€ depending on the score).

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