Monday, October 17, 2016

Arrival of Morandini on iTélé: the journalists of the chain, voted to strike – The Express

While Jean-Marc Morandini presents this Monday, to 18, its new broadcast media on iTélé, the journalists of the editorial continue to protest against the arrival of the facilitator on their antenna. The man is currently covered by the two surveys for “corruption of minors aggravated”.

A general assembly was held, at 9 a.m., is closed to the public. At the end of two big hours of deliberation, the strike was voted in by the employees, with 114 votes for, 17 abstentions and 4 against, with 84% of the vote.

the exterior of the building, the unions have called for a silent demonstration to 18 hours, during the broadcast of the facilitator.

Independence, average… many of the claims

The journalists insist: the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini is not the only problem that they encounter. According to Franceinfo, they require a clear strategy to CNews (iTélé), as well as the appointment of a director of writing to ensure their independence of the shareholders.

The journalists also hope to be able to get more resources to deal with the news. “When you don’t go to Mosul, but that they recruited six people to Morandini, this gives an idea of the project CNews,” complains the journalist Milan kenneth chalmers.

Alexander Ifis also leaving the string

Alexander Ifis, deputy director of the editorial, has also announced this morning that he was leaving the chain of continuous information, according to an information of Liberation and the site Days. Employed by iTélé since 1999, he had taken the direction of the editorial by interim after the ouster of William Zeller, in August.

A petition was launched on 7 October by the journalists on the site entitled “No to the presence of Morandini on iTélé”.

They have also published an open letter on the website of the World on October 13, asking the facilitator to renounce to present a show on their channel.

The journalists considered his arrival to be disastrous for the image of iTélé, journalism, and Morandini himself. The moderator had responded, via his blog, that he had to “let it work” and to observe “his presumption of innocence.”


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