Ben Carolan, Conor Hamilton, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Karl Rice, Mark McKenna in Sing Street, John Carney – March Movies

What is the film sympathetic and electrifying ! the Sing Street, it is a concentrate of good humor-based rock and great feelings.

John Carney was already illustrated in the field of the movie musical with the oscar-winning Oz (2007) and New York Ringtone (2014). It results in this time the viewer into the Dublin of the years to follow a young musician ( Feria Walsh-Peelo), who founded a group to seduce a beautiful teenager embodied by Lucy Boynton.

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The 1980s as if we were there

” I was not born at the time of the film, ” says Lucy Boynton to 20 Minutes but John Carney has made me discover songs that I have transported immediately. It is for this reason that I think Sing Street can pack all the generations. “The hero and his partners are looking for an identity, going from rock to pop to new wave and metal.

” They change the dress style at the discretion of their inspiration and it is a bit of the musical history of a period which is summed up in a single group, ” says Lucy Boynton. With their outfits zany, camcorder bulky and their tape recorders, these young people are traveling in time.

Is both joyful and social

For all that, John Carney has not neglected the social aspect of his work because the protagnistes must struggle to exist with their vision. “I really shows Dublin as the city was at the time,” explains the director. Nothing was easy when we wanted to launch its group while everything was happening in London. “

The kids in the film have to deal with religious teachers, sometimes very rigorously and family situations not always obvious. “The story is joyful, but she does not conceal the reality,” says Lucy Boyton. John wished to retain some form of realism. “

players on the pitch

Often filmed camera in the shoulder with a minimum of lighting, this chronicle leaves a real flexibility to the performers amazing natural. Among them, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, who made his debut on the screen, is a real find. He sings, plays the guitar and devours the screen in a great professional.

Its blend of naivety and insurance does wonders while his character is affirmed in discovering love. “You would have said that he had attended film sets all her life,” says Lucy Boynton. The agreement between the two actors is also obvious that the desire to acquire the sound coming out of the projection.

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