Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TPMP Cyril Hanouna : After 35h, he is ready to beat the world record ! – Pure People

Cyril Hanouna, an animator who is not afraid of anything !

Thursday, October 14, 2016, Baba took the antenna from 14h until Saturday 15 October, 1am in the morning. Its purpose ? Provide 35 hours of live and beat the record French, a challenge which he passed with flying colours despite a few unforeseen circumstances such as the loss of his tooth twice, or the controversy created by Jean-Michel Mayor. And the public was at the rendezvous to discover her wild adventures, as well as those of his merry band. in TPMP, the prohibited, for example, which started at 0h17, and was completed at 1: 10 in the morning on C8, ranked at the head of the hearings, all channels combined, with 1 million curious (17.9% of PDA).

logically, Cyril Hanouna and his team returned yesterday evening in TPMP of these 35 hours. The occasion for Benjamin Castaldi to launch a new challenge to his boss. After the congratulating, explaining that he was “amazed because, physically, he had to take 35 hours of live, standing” and that it was “a true physical challenge“, the ex-host of Secret Story said : “I am delighted to be with you at certain times because we had, once again, laughed a lot (…). I wish, now, you are doing the world record is 64 hours of live.

Far from being frightened by this idea, Cyril Hanouna has admitted that he could meet this challenge in the future : “Do not believe so well to say, I think we’re going to do it one day (…). I don’t know when, but we will do it.” Sacred Baba !

Next hearing, the show Key not at my post on Monday 17 October 2016 has achieved an excellent score by collecting 1 472 000 viewers, or 6.1% of the market share.


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