Friday, October 21, 2016

The minister of Culture supports the strikers iTélé opposed to the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini – Gala

Audrey Azoulay has taken a position in the case of Morandini. The minister of Culture denounced a ” trumpisation information “.

The case doesn’t do (very) big noise. On October 7, iTélé announced the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini on his chain. The announcement of this decision, many anonymous and individuals were opposed to the recruitment of the journalist. Despite the protests, the presenter has made his entry as planned for the 17th October last. After the CSA, it is the minister of culture Audrey Azoulay, who, in his own way, has climbed back up to the shoulder straps of the officers of iTélé this Friday, October 21.

The day before, Thursday, October 14, members of his cabinet had received the representatives of the Journalists ‘ Society of iTélé. In The new yorker this Friday, the politician was held to recognize the special position of the media that “are not businesses like other (and) have a responsibility because they have an impact on the company” . A new law called the “Freedom, Independence and Pluralism of the Media” is expected to enter into force in a few weeks for strengthening the guarantees provided to the journalists : they will be able to assert their right of opposition on the basis of a charter of ethics a compulsory in every media, with a committee whose independence will be guaranteed by the CSA” as explained the minister.

And Audrey Azoulay to go further by referring to “strengthening the protection of journalists ‘sources”. “It is made to guard against what I might call a Trumpisation informationhas hammered the member of the government.

This statement will calm the anger of the journalists of iTélé ? The teams have already voted to continue the strike until Monday morning…


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