Cyril Hanouna during his direct 35h – screenshot

Soraya Riffy, the young woman and kissed her on the breast during the 35 Hours Baba of Cyril Hanouna on C8 has decided to talk. The dancer by profession, who performed the role of Kim Kardashian in a skit, said Sunday on Facebook wanting to “let the viewers and the CSA of [his] feelings and [his] thinking” on the case “qualified as” sexual assault ” by ” Dare feminism ! “.

The association has entered the CSA in light, in the night from Thursday to Friday, columnist Jean-Michel Mayor kissing the breast of Soraya Riffy as it was to refuse clearly a kiss. On social networks, the internet, have fueled the controversy.

” Stop the overwhelm “

The young woman had already expressed Friday, taking the defence of Jean-Michel Mayor : “Despite the buzz, there remains a person that I have enjoyed during my presence on the board. Stop the overwhelm, this man is a man that is very respectful and does not deserve any sanction despite his urges male “.

For his part, the columnist, said the same day in the issue : “I have not kissed on the breast, but above the breasts, because she has a boyfriend and she didn’t want a kiss on the mouth. I did it for the show, and frankly, it was spoken behind the scenes and all is well. “

” I told him that I would wear not complaint against him. “

According to Slate, who was contacted Sunday the interested main, Jean-Michel Mayor would have telephoned to the young woman. “He told me that he had a lot of problems since, in his family and in his work, that his daughter did not want to go back to school, for fear that it deals with his father’s perverse,” said Soraya Riffy.

And the young woman added : “I told him that I would wear not a complaint against him, that I didn’t want him to take the money or break his career. He told me that he never called me not to do it, he just wanted to see how I was doing. “

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After the broadcast of the program, the CSA announced Friday afternoon it had received over 250 reports and stated that ” the case will be processed shortly “.

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