Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nicki Minaj : She gets on her knees in front of ms. Lauryn Hill in concert with TIDAL, in a very moving scene (VIDEO) –

Meet one of his idols can be a very strong experience and also a nice cure of humility. Even if you sell albums that end up platinum discs, even if you’re covered rewards, even if you fight full of records. This Saturday night at the concert with TIDAL, Nicki Minaj did not criticize dirtily Donald Trump and his wife. She was also able to meet one of its stars, a favorite, in the person of Lauryn Hill. The scene took place backstage of the concert and the Barbie has almost lost the head. Eums, we hear the tremolos in his voice when she gets on her knees in front of its star.

beyond this, it lowers its head to make it touch the ground, at the feet of the former star of the Fugees. “I’m in love with you. I’m in love with your spirit, your soul, your ideology, everything about you”, confessed, Nicki Minaj, while she was trying to give him a cuddle. “Sorry I had too show my emotions with my body. I was upset, I was crying, I no longer knew where I was ! This woman is the reason, oh my God. The QUEEN. The goddess ! The example ! *I fainted*. Ms. Lauryn Hill told me to continue to 'do as well'. Is this even reality !????”, has written the Barbie in the caption on Instagram. Like what, Nicki Minaj can write nice things. Not that the lyrics are vulgar, that a journalist is going to assign to Beyoncé… What would be your reaction if you met your idol ?


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