Monday, October 24, 2016

Crisis iTélé : “the symbol of the arrival of Morandini feeds our anger” – Europe1


He could not see for the time being no way out of the crisis iTélé for a week. Monday, Antoine Genton, president of the society of journalists of the chain, drew on Europe 1 the state of play of the situation, then that starts a new week of arm-wrestling with the direction.

Morandini, trigger of the crisis. “The arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini is a triggering factor in the crisis”, summarizes the journalist. The facilitator, indicted for “corruption of minors aggravated”, which occurs from Monday, October 17 – the date of the beginning of the strike – a show on the media on iTélé. “We have always reiterated that we adhere to the presumption of innocence, there is no question of compromise on this point. But it seems to us that there were other things to do than to put Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna,” explains Antoine Genton.

The project “CNews” worried. For the journalist as for the large majority of employees in the chain of continuous information, “the symbol of the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini, what he has done to the antenna for four days, feeding the anger.” “But the malaise is much deeper,” insists the presenter. “That was a year ago. The means have decreased, we have fears about the independence of the editorial board, on the rigor of the work that is done”. Clearly, this is all the “project CNews”, the future new name of iTélé, which poses a problem. “We have requested clarifications that we have obtained only partially,” says Antoine Genton, which confirms that the arrival of Eric Zemmour and the brothers Bogdanov in the antenna has been “mentioned”.

journalists tempted to leave the channel. ten days ago, iTélé has opened a “conscience clause” for journalists who wish to leave rather than work with Jean-Marc Morandini. Antoine Genton as for other issues, this “conscience clause” gives the impression “that they want us to put it out”. On Europe 1, the reporter confirmed that a number of employees are looking to leave the editor. Monday, like every day, the employees will vote for the continuation or not of the strike movement. “What I ask is to continue to engage in dialogue. Nobody has an interest to ensure that this strike continues,” says Antoine Genton.

Fighting, the journalist is also, and especially saddened by the turn of events. “It hurts not to be able to do our job, not being able to inform viewers properly.”


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