Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fake Twitter account of Lorànt Deutsch : I am a victim of harassment – The Figaro

INTERVIEW – A cover to insult him copiously those who don’t like it? According to BuzzFeed, the actor would have a false address on which messages nauseating swarm. In Figaro, the person concerned formally denies these allegations and reserves the right of prosecution.

The passion for the history of France from the actor Lorànt Deutsch seems not to appeal to all audiences. After a scheduled conference at a secondary school in Trappes has been publicly boycotted by two teachers, Nicholas Kacmarek and Marie-Cécile Maday, activists of the left Front, it is the turn of his Twitter account being hacked.

messages posted on the account @lacathelinierre, but who takes the surname of the actor, which oscillate between the insult nauseating and shocking. Outraged by his posts offensive as much as defamatory, Lorànt Deutsch has decided to react. The comedian, who says she is the victim of a stalking pervert, and a wave of violence, has booked his first reactions to the Figaro.

LE FIGARO. - The Twittosphère takes messages insulting that you have posted on an account hidden. Are you the author of these words?

Lorànt DEUTSCH. – No, of course! If I had wanted an account that hidden, I don’t think I would have used my own mail box to create it. These tweets are to throw up and of course I dissociate completely. I have not written a single word of these about infamous. But I can see that again, but it lasts for close to five years ago, a small group of people on the Internet began a real demolition company of my image. After making me pass for an idiot, for a facho, now they make me pass for a bastard who salirait the memory of the victims of the attack at the Bataclan. It is appalling and distressing.

so You think your Twitter account has been hacked. By who and why according to you?

I don’t know. I am not a professional of the Internet. I cannot explain how my email inbox has been diverted for the manufacture of such Twitter account. Just as I cannot explain how my credit card was hacked six months ago for me to steal money. Just as I cannot explain how my computer was hacked a year ago. Just as I cannot explain why my identity papers have been stolen five years ago and have been used in an attempt to scam. I believe that the Internet is capable of the best as the worst.

This case-does it have a connection with the boycott of two professors of Traps that have publicly made it known that he would attend your lectures on the history of France?

again, I don’t know. If not, that case is fueling this fierce desire for me to discredit, to discredit me in my attempt to popularize the history of France for the love of the general public. The story became a real struggle and I realize again, and at my expense, that all shots are allowed. For my part, I prefer to leave the boxing ring and ignore them. I love the history with a capital H and not the one with a big axe.

How will you react?

Is it possible to take this outpouring of hatred by contempt? I have often done this in the past. But today, I’m tired. These latest attacks are slanderous and demeaning. I reserve the right to bring this matter before the courts. And I take this response to remind again that I don’t have a Twitter account and that I do not frequent social networks.


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