Wednesday, October 19, 2016

“Twin Peaks” : a new video, but still a lot of outstanding on his return –

Kyle MacLachlan is returning to his role of FBI agent Dale Cooper in the wake of

Kyle MacLachlan returning to his role of FBI agent Dale Cooper in the wake of “Twin peaks”.

David Lynch and Mark Frost are playing with the nerves of their fans by releasing a new teaser on the long-awaited return of cult series without revealing the slightest hint about the plot.

For those who still doubted, “Twin Peaks” will be returning to the small screen in 2017. To know exactly when and with what new story, it will, however, still have to wait. The video released by Showtime, new home of the series, keeps intact the mystery surrounding it since its officialization in 2014, this famous third season as expected.

fans can always wait with this new video that gives voice to the actors and becomes involved in behind-the-scenes. “Revisit all this territory, there is a freshness, a lightness… We knew that this would be something special, but we didn’t know how,” says Kyle Maclachlan, unforgettable interpreter of FBI agent Dale Cooper. “It is almost as if time had not passed,” adds Dana Ashbrook, aka Bobby Briggs.

This video promotion allows viewers to immerse themselves in the special atmosphere of this series born in the early 90′s on ABC. But even then, the creation of David Lynch hides many mysteries. Some members of the cast are conspicuously absent from this video, especially the new faces such as Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, David Duchovny, Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Amanda Seyfried and Michael Cera.

It will require a bit of patience to learn more about this third season, which will be held today, 25 years after the first survey focused on the death of the young Teresa Palmer in the gloomy town of Twin Peaks. David Lynch, who has directed all of the episodes, should keep until the last minute, the whole mystery.

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