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Shannen Doherty is always determined in the face of cancer –

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It is far the time when Shannen Doherty was playing the apprentice witch in Charmed. If the star is rather discreet on the sets, since it is several months again very present in the media.

The actress, who suffers from cancer of the breast, has decided to make his fight public and decomplex the other patients.

Recently invited on the set of Chelsea Handler on his show Chelsea, which will be aired on Netflix tonight, Shannen Doherty said now be a new woman. “I think this is both beautiful, challenging and interesting with the cancer, it is that it breaks you down and you built, said the actress. That you rebuilt it so many times. The person that I was meant to be or that I would become, or that I thought to be six months ago, has now completely changed. “

in the Face of the emotion of the host, whose mother died of cancer in 2006, Shannen Doherty proved to be strong. “It was very difficult and not very rewarding, because the cancer I had already made humble, she said, as reported by People. It was difficult in the sense that I had to think of that which characterizes me and find a balance with the person that I am today, accepting and looking at my husband thinking, “Dude, I’m so sorry”. “

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Fortunately, Shannen Doherty can count on an entourage solid and very present. It does not cease in the media to hail the courage of her husband, the producer Kurt Iswarienko, who has never dropped.

Her friend Sarah Michelle Gellar has also publicly supported its fight on the social networks on the occasion of the international Day of breast cancer last week.

Today is recognized as #internationalbreastcancerday, although for some people, that is everyday. I am only a footnote in this picture. To my left is the @theshando, my friend who is kicking cancer in the you know what. But more than that, she is sharing her battle, so people fighting this horrible disease know they are not alone. I am inspired by her on the daily. To my right is Dr. Lawrence Piro, the Oncologist who has been side by side in Shannen’s fight. It’s not a job to this incredible doctor, it’s his life. I have never been in the company of a more passionate gold dedicated scientist. He is the true definition of a hero. I am honored to know you both. Breast cancer is nowadays the most frequent malignant tumor in the world. But with early detection and incredible doctors like Dr. Piro, breast cancer can be fought and won. So today I urge you, make an appt to get checked or even remind a friend to get checked or just think pink and honor those fighting th is battle today and everyday.

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As for his old accomplice of Beverly Hills, Tori Spelling, she praised his determination and expressed admiration. “I have not seen it personally but I of course followed his fight, was given this last E ! News. It is amazing the way she has handled it in social networks. I commend them for that. I think that it stands in the name of a lot of women everywhere in the world, who are leading the same fight. She did a fantastic job and brave, and we support it, of course. We have all talked about it and support it from afar. It is really difficult to know what to do when someone crosses something like that – if they want others to be present or not. But I think she is very courageous and I really admire. “

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