Jane Birkin, on the 27th September 2016 at the Saint Laurent show for Paris Fashion Week. – LAURENT BENHAMOU / SIPA

She comes from far away. After long months fighting an autoimmune disease and the approach of his seventieth birthday, Jane Birkin goes out to her home again. She toured throughout France with Gainsbourg symphony, a show in which she interprets the greatest songs of her former partner.

heavy health problems

Hospitalized for a long period, Jane Birkin has entrusted to the Paris that” to force to have the spine that breaks, [she has] the plastic between the seven vertebrae “. It is all the same to reassure by claiming that ” it will get better. There is in me a kind of precipitation. The urge to do everything while we can. It is the hospital who taught me that. There was a time when I thought that I would come out more. “

added to this is the suffering of having lost her daughter Kate Barry in December 2013. “The penalty is so great, the lack… To say that I’ll be without it until the end of my life, it’s unimaginable,” conceded she. The loss of her daughter has led her to be cut off from the world for a moment. But the singer has now need to aerate : “I go on tour for two years, I hope. I was too sad, in my house in paris, it does me good to get out. As soon as there’s company, I feel better. “

A tour that will not pass through Shanghai

China has refused his visa to Jane Birkin, who had to sing in Shanghai in the framework of Gainsbourg Symphony. “I think my catch position for the dalai lama, Aung San Suu Kyi and Amnesty International their dislike, does it. I am part of a list with Lady Gaga, I’m very flattered ! This is the first time that I am prohibited in a country, I think. “A foot of nose to the singer who does not abandon his convictions.

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