Monday, October 31, 2016

Booba involved in a brawl in a nightclub in switzerland, Le Figaro

VIDEO – rapper French occurred Friday, October 28, in a nightclub near Zion, and the Tsunami. A benefit that has quickly escalated, as the “duke of Boulogne” was ended by a fight with a young partier.

Will there soon be more known for his run-ins with the law and its acts of violence as for his music? more than ever, in any case, the rap seems to be a combat sport for Booba. During a “showcase” this Friday 28 October, the rapper French has re-sided. While it occurred in the nightclub of the Tsunami (!), a nightclub in the city of Conthey in Switzerland (near Zion), the evening degenerated into a brawl in general.

The rapper is so came to the hands with a young partier this to this evening. The reasons of the fight, just as the identity of the second protagonist remains for the moment unknown. However, the scene was filmed by witnesses present on the spot and has already made several times the tour of social networks.

You can see the French rapper, Elie Yaffa, his real name, give great elbow strikes to his opponent the night before his entourage and security did intervene. Booba, as well as the nightclub, has not yet commented on the incident.

A brawl that looks beautiful and well a relapse to “the duke of Boulogne”. As they approached the quarantine (December 9), the rapper, sworn enemy of Kaaris, La Fouine and Rohff, falls back into its through, who have already received a few passages through the box prison. In the past, the singer has already been convicted for the assault and robbery of a taxi driver, or even, as he had said to Obs in 2015, for “shooting, kidnapping and attempted murder”.


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