The “jungle” of Calais, the 24th of September 2016. – Irina Kalashnikova/SIPA

The use of associations has been rejected. The administrative tribunal in Lille has confirmed this Tuesday by the principle of a rapid reduction of the “jungle” of Calais.

In its order, the court seized Thursday evening in the referred-freedom believes that ‘ the very principle of the dismantling of the site of the lande of Calais is not contrary to the principle of prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment. It aims, on the contrary, in particular, put a stop to such treatment “.

justice “stretched” the decision to dismantle the “jungle” in ” the best time “, was immediately declared the government. “This decision strengthens the government in its approach and humanitarian in its determination to engage in the dismantling of the camp of the moor as soon as possible and before the winter period,” said Bernard Cazeneuve, and Emmanuelle Cosse in a joint statement.

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public authorities are actively involved in preparing the dismantling, mobilizing places of accommodation in the regions, with more than 7,000 had already been found. The efforts are concentrated for several days on the minors, with the aim of convince Great Britain to take up the title of family reunification and finding solutions care for the other.

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