Thursday, October 27, 2016

Twitter will close Vine, the forerunner of the video-on-mobile – Le Figaro

Property of Twitter, the service will close its doors in a few months. It has enabled the discovery of several celebrities online.

Six seconds and then goes away. The mobile application Vine, which allows videos to 6 seconds, will close. The company announced the news Thursday in an article published on the site Medium. “Since 2013, millions of people have turned to Vine to laugh in front of the loop and admire the creativity of the users”, it read. “Our mobile application is going to close in a few months.” It specifies that the videos are already existing will not be removed, and that the site will always be accessible online even after its closure.

Founded in 2013, Vine was acquired in stride through Twitter. It had quickly been invested by people, especially young people. Its basic principle of videos of 6 seconds in a continuous loop, made of Vine a ufo online, but also the place of unleashed creativity. There was humour, musicians, sports, opinion, information. Vine has given birth to several celebrities online, as the American Lele Pons or the French Jerome Jarre. He kept 200 million monthly active users.

But what was the wealth of Vine made it also difficult to access by the general public. The application has failed to broaden its reach beyond its users of the first hour. It has also been strongly challenged by other services like Instagram, which also offers short videos, or more recently Snapchat, where many “vineurs” famous now have a wide audience. Some would prefer also YouTube, which can offer its users with the most popular is remunerated through a share of advertising revenue. Twitter has never sought to monnétiser Vine, who was a virgin of advertisements. The social network, in financial difficulty for several months, had already announced that it wants to focus on “the essential part of its activities”. Vine is no longer formed part of it.


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