Saturday, October 29, 2016

“Saturday Night Fever” : the new video clip of “Stayin’ Alive” with Fauve Hautot – Staragora

Between Saturday night Fever, flashdance and Dancing with the stars, the duo of dancers comprised of Fauve Hautot and quebec’s Nicolas Archambault delivers to us a new extract, rejoicing in the musical comedy by Stéphane Jarny, created almost 40 years after the famous movie which featured John Travolta and the Bee Gees to honour. Prepare your legs eph’ and your platform shoes : even if the creators of Saturday Night Live we offer a vision revisited, the disco is still not dead !

Fauve Hautot sublime in the 1st clip from Saturday Night Live

In a dance hall, the beautiful redhead warms up in front of a mirror, while his partner (Nicolas Archambault) crosses the city to join them, without forgetting to test his sex appeal with a high bandwidth. But once together, the 2 dancers forget all about the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive“, as performed by Julian Perretta, Francesco Yates and le Mans Zelmerlow, winner of the Eurovision 2015. A duet that begins far enough away from the trails at the disco –no swaying, no arms in the air Travolta-, closer to a choreography created for DALS. We find, however, that everyone has at one time or another included in his living room or in a box, at the end of the clip : story to prove that if this musical is definitely recorded in the years 2010, she will not disappoint those who are nostalgic of the 1970s !

An album due December 2, 2016

Created by Stéphane Jarny and choreographed by Malik le Nost (who has worked for Madonna), this musical, so 70′s, out from the February 9, 2017 on the stage of the Palais des Sports in Paris (until April 30, before a tour around the Hexagon). The most impatient will be able to enjoy the soundtrack is full from the December 2, 2016, with artists such as Tal with “How deep is your love“, Kylie Minogue with “Night Fever“, Icona Pop and Hyphen Hyphen for “Tragedy” and Alex Newell and Nile Rodgers of Chic on “You should be dancing“, according to the information revealed by Le Parisien.

Click here to watch the video


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