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Spectrum: James Bond cars are eternal – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – After The Bond girls, Frédéric Brun continue to explore the world of 007 with his new book, James Bond Cars .

Car James Bond Are actresses? Yes, if one believes the new book by Frédéric Brun, James Bond Cars * (Editions du Chêne). Heroic, terrifying, seductive … they are in his eyes the indispensable partners of the modern knight embodies the hero of Ian Fleming.

Le Figaro , he explains why this myth bondiens of cars continues for over half a century

LE FIGARO. – In your new book, James Bond Cars , you have cars as if they actresses were full. Why?

FREDERICK BROWN – (Smiles) I presented is a garage with a particular car, it was under the hood, the year of output … and it did not interest me so much to proceed like this. Either I showed the film role of Bond cars. My ambition was to write a book for auto enthusiasts and movie buffs. In a bondien film, cars take a particularly important role. In a novel it was time to install the characters. In film everything must go fast. It is very visual. Everything takes part in the definition of a personality: the clothing, accessory, location, decor and of course the vehicle

How James Bond chooses its cars.?

It’s never by chance that a car is in a movie, at least not of the gears of this caliber then. In all bondien universe they become full-fledged characters with criteria attached to the hero or the villain or even to secondary roles. The character of Bond is effective. It is an army officer belonging to the secret service of a democratic nation which fights against evil. He wants to overcome an ideal of democracy and freedom. But to achieve its goals, it must use undemocratic methods as license to kill, the permit will not be justified. The automobile 007 is like a symbol of freedom and permissiveness. In fact, it is inseparable from him.

Beyond bondiens ideals, why the writers always choose luxurious cars?

The car is risk and freedom but you can look in another way. The car is also an art of living. Good or bad, the characters develop a number of tastes, practices, customs and lifestyles that are outside the ordinary. James Bond is not just a cop trying to stop a car stereo thief is still a super-agent who saves the world once every two years for 53 years. His opponents and evolve it in a perfectly controlled world with great art codes of living, including the most luxurious code. And again there was a kind of refinement, which is not always in tune with the times, who plays the permanent paradox between the beautiful and the brutal. This means that even the most beautiful cars can be armed to the teeth. The interior may well be all leather, there are machine guns hidden under the bumper.

understand you without car Bond is nothing ..

This is the frame of the modern-day knights. We imagine not Don Quixote without his Rocinante, without Bucephalus Alexander the Great, without Zorro Tornado. And James Bond without his Aston Martin.

Bond all conduit, the underwater Lotus, BMW … In your opinion, why the Aston Martin still does, against all odds, his car?

It is an emblem. It is the mix of incredibly sophisticated luxury and a very British Rolls and power of the engine of a Ferrari. This is both a very nice car and a racing car. James bond infused global popular culture in 1964. For Goldfinger , it took the producers go to buy a car. At the time, they were seekers. Now they are waiting for the release of films out their novelty. The DB10 has been designed and manufactured to ten copies not for sale. A great reversal of values. Au Fond, as Bond, his cars never die.

* James Bond Cars Frédéric Brun Editions du Chêne € 29.90


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