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The “Homeland” series is trapped by three graffiti artists – Le Parisien

15 Oct. 2015, 3:20 p.m. | Update: 15 Oct. 2015, 5:25 p.m.

How were these messages could fail in an episode of “Homeland”? These graffiti are actually the work of three artists calling themselves Heba Amain, Caram Kapp and Stone. In a message posted on his blog, Heba Amin explains that he and Caram Kapp were contacted in June by Stone, known in Germany for his graffiti. The latter was approached by the production of “Homeland”, while looking for artists to make more authentic decor of a Syrian refugee camp built in the German capital.

On the left, the tag “” Homeland “is racist” visible in the episode “The hospitality of the tradition”

A series perpetuating dangerous stereotypes

 “Given the reputation of the series, we were immediately convinced. And then we considered that it was an opportunity to show our disagreement with the content of the series, “tell the three graffiti artists. “We believe that the series perpetuates dangerous stereotypes. She made an entire region a farce by false representations used to feed political propaganda. Clearly they know nothing about the area they are trying to represent, “says Heba Amin in a Guardian article.

On the set, no one noticed anything. Arabic graffiti have not even been checked by the production, according to the three artists. “The scene was to be completed in two days, and filming was to begin the next day. The decorators were too busy to pay attention to us. “

The creator of” Homeland “, Alex Gansa, it has shown good sport. “Would have spotted these images before the broadcast of the episode, he admits to Deadline. However, as “Homeland” always strives to his way of being subversive and create debate, we can only admire the artistic act of sabotage. “

Often criticized for its approximations” Homeland “was regularly under fire from critics. His fourth season and had angered the Pakistan Embassy in Washington.

She accused him of portraying the capital Islamabad as hell or even to suggest that Pakistan was assisting the Taliban. “To slander a country that has been a close partner and an ally of the United States serves the security interests of the United States but also the Americans themselves, “warned the spokesperson of the embassy, ​​Nadeem Hotiana.

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