Saturday, October 31, 2015

Next week in “Serving France” – Ciné Series Direct


On Thursday night viewers discovered the new series Arte “In the service of France.” A wacky series if not crazy and a bit disturbing created by Jean-François Halin, screenwriter of the films “OSS 117″. The story is about a young student who, in 1960 in Paris, landed in the French secret services. The opportunity for him to discover the hectic office life of self-proclaimed world’s best secret agents battling geopolitical crises of the moment. A spy comedy that was not necessarily the taste of criticism. She even showed sometimes murdered. But viewers still have the last word, we will follow with great interest the evolution of the curve of the ratings. For this first appointment, the series has aroused the curiosity of almost one million viewers (up 1.2 million peak)

 & # xA9; Luc Roux / Arte

© Luc Roux / Arte

those who have not seen the series is available in replay on the website of ARTE . In the meantime, this is what awaits you next week with the release of four new episodes.

Episode 5

Merlaux is on a mission to Moscow with Calot. Wanting to show him the ropes, it makes a clumsy maneuver and causes an incident with the CIA. Meanwhile, it is fighting the commotion Service: Marie-Jo, the secretary, will be promoted C official! Merlaux, love, prefer to see Breathless with Sophie.

Episode 6

Mercaillon colonel decided to create a post of Deputy Director. Miller, Jacquard and Skullcap are (really) try everything to get the job. Merlaux, he is destabilized by Sophie and her willingness to be a “modern woman”. A term he hardly understands …

Episode 7

The agents learn that a premium inherited from the Vichy regime is removed, questioning their social gains. Indignant, Moulinier, Jacquard Skullcap and went on strike. Colonel prohibits Merlaux to see his daughter Sophie. Bruised, the young man immersed himself in work and undertake something that the Service did not used to do. Integrate information

Episode 8

The Colonel learned Merlaux that continues to attend Sophia. To dissuade it tends a trap with a Lebanese arms dealer. Merlaux ends up in the arms of Clayborn, the beautiful spy Service, and filmed in spite of himself. The success of this mission is to finally tenured him. Colonel, he recovers the film compromising.


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