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Grand Corps Malade, Eddy Mitchell and Rod Stewart are music news –

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Grand Corps Malade is write Renaud

The slammer has invited 10 artists for his new album, us that He will . He gave them carte blanche. Only one rule: adopt a spoken tone and place the phrase “it will remain that to us” in their text “It was a kind of artistic direction, says Grand Corps Malade RTL . I imagined this disc, this sentence, the concept. I called each author to convince them to come on this album . I chose the musical directors who were going on the -measures. Not everything was simple. A solo album, ultimately, it is much easier to manage. “

Grand Corps Malade signed 6 songs or interludes that pack everything. The result is astonishing, Eclectic, poetic. The artist wanted to make “an album of authors.” Jeanne Cherhal, Charles Aznavour, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine and Renaud have responded notably present. For this project, it has also signed its first new song in nine years, entitled Your battery . It will also be part of next disc Renaud , to be published next year.

Eddy Mitchell true to itself

Eddy Mitchell has offered the famous Capitol Studios Los Angeles, for this album, Big Band . He recorded everything in three days, live and with a “big band” training with a big orchestra and singers typical of crooners. “It’s not nostalgia, it’s just the love! The big band is a discipline that I love and it suits me perfectly because it makes me happy. I’ve recorded stuff like that but a whole album, no. ” It includes the title Something changed , which is a nod to Martin Luther King.

Paris became a city museum, a city where everything is closed, everything is forbidden.

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Eddy Mitchell will not forget for all of griping in several pieces. It tackles journalists “intolerant”, psychiatrists prohibitive tariffs, advertisements that invade our boxes-to-letters. He blames Paris, became overpowering in the song You look like yesterday . “It became a museum city, a city where everything closes, everything is permitted. It is not perhaps believe in Limoges, but close. The evening at 23h, to eat, we are forced to go to a pub or a nightclub. This is Paris, do you realize! So the province … I love Paris, but Paris loves me less, so I deserted a little. “

Title I have no friends , the singer takes this time to the Internet and especially social networks. “I do not want to end up like lots of children, blind and hunchbacked. I am not a typist. I have nothing to fuck Facebook, Youtube. Internet is convenient for shopping, it is everything. “

As of March 26, Eddy Mitchell will give a series of concerts in Paris, at the Palais des Sports. It was believed that he would sing more in public. It was wrong. “ I want to live this album across the stage. In addition to arrange the old songs to the big band mode. It will be in Paris because I have fed up with hotels and gourmet salad at two in the morning. ”

Rod Stewart released “Another Country”

Another legend returns this October 23: Rod Stewart , with the album Another Country . It contains 17 songs of country-pop-rock. It is no surprise, but what a voice! Rod Stewart borrowed from Winston Churchill’s phrase, “Blood, toil, tears and sweat” in a song. He remembers the stories he read in bed to his son in Batman, Superman, Spiderman. he ventures into reggae and even Celtic sounds.

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