Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adele announces his new album in a letter to his fans – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The British singer has posted on his Twitter account a few words addressed to his audience. It reveals the name of her future disk, 25 , without creating the release date.

Four years after the release of 21 album for which Adele was a strong interplanetary success of its 30 million copies sold, the British diva is Wednesday, October 21 addressed to his fans on Twitter. The interpreter of Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep has written a letter in which she announced the name of his new album, 25.

“My last album was a breakthrough album and if I had to describe this new album, I would say this is a reconciliation album. I am reconciled with myself, “said the singer attended by nearly 23.5 million fans on his Twitter account. “I up for lost time. I reconcile myself with all that I have done and not done, “she said.

Adele, who is now 27, also says that his 25th birthday was a” turning point “for it “a slap in the mid twenties.” “Hesitating between being a teenager and an adult old full, I took the decision to become one I’ll be forever,” says the singer.

Without specifying the release date of this album Billboard announced for November 20, it referred to the long wait since her previous album. “I am sorry it has taken so long, but you know, that’s life,” writes the mother of a little boy since October 19, 2012.

Oscar winner in 2013 for Skyfall , the credits of the latest film in the James Bond saga, the artist did on Sunday 18 October sensation by revealing, turning an advertisement broadcast in the framework of the British music show X Factor , a short 30-second preview of what could be his next single.

This video on a black background on which appear the words she was singing, accompanied only by a piano, wowed his fans who invaded the Twitter keyword “#ADELEISBACK.”


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