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Only Jessica Chastain speaks of Mars and his failed audition for Star Trek – Film

When we met with Jessica Chastain this summer to promote Only on Mars , no salary gap between talked about actors and actresses in Hollywood . Since Jessica is widely expressed on the subject but one of the most talented actresses of the moment (it is also, in another register, showing of Crimson Peak Guillermo Del Toro ) is also full of interesting things to say. Including his failed audition for the Star Trek JJ Abrams : and please, do not hold rigor to heroin Zero Dark Thirty to have confused for a moment Star Trek and Star Wars

& gt;. & gt; & gt; Alone on Mars: Jessica Chastain confirms the “gulf” between his salary and that of Matt Damon

Seeing your filmo I did not find it cheap Series B done when you’re a beginner actress …
Haha, you should have been watching a soap opera. I started making a lot of episodes here and there. At the beginning my specialty was to play the role of “The Victim” in the crime series. That does not mean that all the time I was playing dead, but I was playing the second role that does not really have a name or personality – apart from being the one who happened crap. And sometimes I was playing someone dead.

It was not too frustrating to play dead?
Stay lying on the floor and not move? Not at all. I left college and I was paid to play on TV. I had not paid much but it meant a lot to me. And I was very good to save and sustain my meager salary. Otherwise I played in the reboot of the TV series Dark Shadows in 2005. Only the pilot was carried out but the series was not purchased. My career would have been very different if it had worked: play a woman vampire for six years, I would probably have missed the roles that have made me what I am

How Ridley. Scott as a director?
One of the first scenes we shot, it is the scene of the storm on Mars. We had to walk against wind tunnels which sent us a super strong wind and debris in the face, in almost complete darkness, connected by strings … We could not hear anything at all, we had to shout our replicas. It’s very, very chaotic. And that can be dangerous if you do not have a solid director who really knows what is going on this kind of stage.

And as a director of actors?
He let me build my character just as I wanted. I worked with a woman astronaut Tracy Dyson to prepare the film. I put a lot of Tracy Lewis. Especially the head side, the play leader thoroughly. Although Lewis feels sad or moved if it must lead a team. Anyway the script Only on Mars did not give me emotionally difficult scenes. This is not a fault, huh.

And you have suffered an astronaut training, like you were stuck in a jet?
I wanted. When the film was prepared with Ridley I told him I wanted to go to a training camp space. When I was little I saw commercials for “Space Camp,” an astronaut themed summer camp for kids. It made me dream. It was found that it did not exist for adult actors who want to fulfill their dreams of kids (laughs) . Instead we went to see the guys who take care of Curiosity, the robot on Mars. I tested a virtual reality thing to walk on Mars as true almost. Otherwise, it was mostly wandered in all NASA offices. But technology is not the most important. The key question for my character is, “What is a good leader?”. Being leader of a space mission, is very different from a military leader. Tracy told me that it’s not yelling orders, dominate others, embody the aggressive authority. It’s managing the team as a family. Trust. That’s the feeling I seek to pass

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; Only Mars is the anti-Interstellar (critical)

It seems that you had to play the main role of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation .. .
Mmmm. I do not know what to tell you. I am a big fan of Rebecca Ferguson , his TV series The White Queen is fabulous. I can not wait to see the movie (note: at the time of the interview, Rogue Nation was out for two days in the United States) . And I think that basically the role intended for him.

Do you have auditioned for Star Wars ? I think all the players on the planet went there …
Oh yes, many years ago .. You know, when they made the reboot? I had to play the mother of Chris Pine .

You mean that you passed the audition for Star Trek .
My God, yes. I confuse the two. Short. I have not gone for the audition Star Wars

But for the reboot of Star Trek , yes.
That’s it. So it was a very small role. And I got back very, very bad on my performance during the hearing. It was a hyper dramatic scene, I had to give birth while my husband is dying … The casting director told my agent that I was super bad. “She actually boxes! She is far too deeply into it …” I must say that I was crying for good, I was doing 100% drama, I took it very seriously. Normal right? A scene where my guy dies and I gave birth to my son. And was told “just relax, it’s just … Star Trek”

What is your movie project with Xavier Dolan The Death and Life of John F. Donovan
As soon as he is ready to turn, here we go. I am at his disposal. I think it is one of today’s greatest filmmakers. But it promises to be more expensive than his previous movie, and thus balance the budget takes time. I saw Mommy in Cannes, it was 8:30 am … I remember exclaimed “But who has done this? It is the man of my dreams! “

Since Interstellar , is what Christopher Nolan spoke to you still turn with you?
No, we did not talk about his future projects. Obviously if he wants me for a new film I rush. This is the Stanley Kubrick of his generation.

I do not make any parallel between Only on Mars and Interstellar already because everyone did …
I know! “Do not save Matt Damon, Jessica! Look how it ends in Interstellar …” Interstellar is more philosophical. It is a poem that contemplates the existence of love. Interstellar is closer to Tree of Life . It’s very deep.

and Only on Mars
This is Robinson Crusoe on Mars. The tone is much, much lighter-as the book. The character of Matt keeps doing valves …

& gt; & gt; & gt; Matt Damon: “Only on Mars, it is not only the world”

Tell us about Crimson Peak .
Guillermo Del Toro passed me the script for Crimson Peak after Mama , which he was producer. Initially I was not to play Lucille but I insisted to do so. I’ve never done anything so difficult. This is an absolutely solitary role and it’s very, very hard to do.

Maya Zero Dark Thirty is very lonely, too.
Differently. She does not stop moving, it has a purpose, a direction. Lucille wants to remain confined to the past in his big house … It’s hard to stay locked in such a gloomy attitude, not being able to let go -Pass hi-fi, if you want. This is a very lo-fi role.

New Blonde , where you have to play Marilyn Monroe?
This is difficult. I love the director Andrew Dominik , but it’s such an overwhelming role that we must have the right mental state to delve into it. The original novel is really hard for the character of Marilyn. I am ready to go as far as the role the request, but with my very busy schedule, I do not know if I’ll have time to put myself in the mindset necessary -and dévorant- to be the height

Interview Sylvestre Picard (sylvestrepicard)

Trailer for Only on Mars .


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