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Victims, conquests, gadgets … Daniel Craig he displays a balance sheet Bond? – FranceTV info

Monday, October 26 is a day to mark a milestone for fans of James Bond. London hosts the world premiere of the 24th adventure spy in the service of Her Majesty, Spectrum . The French will have to wait until November 11. In the program, Lea Seydoux in Bond girl, chase through the streets of Rome and incursion in Mexico City during the festival of the dead.

This episode he is the last of Daniel Craig? “ I would rather break the glass and cut my wrists ,” he responded when a reporter magazine Time Out was asked if he would continue to embody 007. Before specifying that he still signed for five films.

In the event that information wanted FranceTV take stock of Daniel Craig’s adventures since he embodies the British playboy : number of deaths, conquests, destroyed cars … It was the account

Fifty-three victims on its own

Some so. know first under his number: 007 Double 0 which gives the license to kill and James Bond does not hesitate to use it. Of the 380 victims of James Bond (as calculated by the Guardian and counting Never Say Never ), Daniel Craig is participating to the tune of 53 corpses (11 in Casino Royale 16 to Quantum of Solace and 26 in Skyfall ). Far behind Pierce Brosnan, which totals 135 victims in four films, Roger Moore (90 victims in 7 films) or Sean Connery (74 in 7 films). Note that James Bond provides an excellent ratio for a man so often in the viewfinder when you consider that 4662 bullets were intended for him. As for his favorite weapons, found the pistol Walther PPK, a classic that appears in the last three films in fifteen older.

Only a dozen gadgets

A James Bond without gadgets, it’s like a free chocolate cappuccino, it inspires not trust. Of the 155 gadgets referenced by James Bond Wiki, only ten are used in the last three films, including an explosive keychain ( Casino Royale ), facial recognition smartphone ( Quantum of Solace ) or a Walther PPK has fingerprint recognition ( Skyfall ). Now, James Bond has to rely on his physical abilities and sense of resourcefulness rather than its gadgets. Besides Q (special character in inventions) has been fairly quiet in the last three films. Since Daniel Craig has taken on the role of 007, finished wacky gadgets like ski pole with integrated weapon of The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) up to the realistic technologies like the GPS Skyfall (2012).

No more than one conquest movie

> If the gadgets are no longer what they were, there is one thing that does not change from the beginning of the character invented by Ian Fleming: women. Yet the James Bond Daniel Craig is not the greatest Don Juan. According to the calculations of first , it would in bed on average only one woman in every movie against 2.5 Sean Connery, Roger Moore and 2.57 to 3 George Lazenby . If it is not in quantity, Daniel Craig carefully chooses his conquests. Three films, there are two French, Eva Green ( Casino Royale ) and Bérénice Marlohe ( Skyfall ). Léa Seydoux, with the poster of Spectrum the new album may come lengthen the list.

The James Bond Daniel Craig up elbow

A study by The Grocer, a British magazine specializing in marketing, shows that James Bond drinks more than reason, Daniel Craig in the lead. With 20 units of alcohol on average per film is the biggest consumer before his predecessor Pierce Brosnan, who is 12, followed by Sean Connery and Roger Moore (11), George Lazenby (9) and Timothy Dalton (4 5). Traditionally, James Bond drinks “ A vodka martini shaker and no spoon.” But since Daniel Craig, the spy habits have changed somewhat. James Bond abandons more and more often his favorite cocktail to a glass of champagne, brandy or beer. A new advertising poster for a partnership with Heineken Spectrum . What provide an explanation beginning to increase alcohol consumption James Bond: more brands of alcohol production would pressure to appear more often in movies.

Seventeen countries visited …

Although the service of his Majesty, James Bond is sent on a mission around the world. Among the 49 countries listed by Wikipedia, Daniel Craig has traveled 17 including Malta ( Casino Royale) , Bolivia ( Quantum of Solace) and Scotland ( Skyfall) . A film in which several scenes take place on British soil, which is unusual.

… and a well amochées ten cars

And each destination, the British spy borrows abyss or destroyed cars. In three films, Daniel Craig appears driving a ten cars including four Aston Martin, the favorite brand of spy. The legendary Aston Martin DB5, appeared for the first time in 1965 in Goldfinger made a remarkable passage in the last film ( Skyfall) before being completely destroyed by enemy helicopter. But never mind, James Bond aka Daniel Craig continues to destroy the cars. In an interview with Daily Mail (in English) , the director waterfalls, Gary Powell, said the damage from 007 to some 32 million euros in the new episode. Nothing is too good for James Bond

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