Friday, October 30, 2015

Spectrum: Monica Bellucci, sexier than ever on the cover of magazine Lui – Le Figaro

Choose the next adventures of Agent 007, the actress made the front of the male Monthly of November. The Bond girl oldest of the saga appears there femme fatale in a hot outfit.

Monica Bellucci 51 years, but does not age, far from it. The actress is showing of Spectrum next James Bond directed by Sam Mendes, and for the occasion she made the cover of the next issue of the magazine him . The Bond girl appears more sensual than ever.

In a black lace dress, hinting her curves, Monica Bellucci poses in profile, hands placed on hips. The magazine cover is dark, titled: “. Monica Bellucci, the service of his majesty” If the next issue of him will be on newsstands in November, the photo has already been around social networks. And everyone is unanimous: if at age 51, she interprets the oldest “Bond girl” of the saga, Monica Bellucci has nothing to envy the young.

The actress does not also complex about his age. On the contrary. It thus told in the pages of Paris Match in January, “Today a 50 year old woman is still desirable. We listen to what she says and his image remains a reference. When I see actresses like Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert, who in age are at the top of their game, it gives me wings! “

Spectrum , indoors November 11, Monica Bellucci plays the role of Lucia Sciarra, the widow of an Italian mafia. Along with Lea Seydoux, second “Bond girl”, and twenty years after she was born.


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